The Sunday Salon

Currently, I’m …

Reading … Still working on This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. I’m trying to take this one slowly, with essays if I don’t go slowly, they’ll run into one another in my brain. Still loving it. I also am reading All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner and it’s love. She’s an author I always go back to, but I’m only 100 pages in and already I think this one might be her best yet. I just started The Maze Runner for one of my book clubs, and although I don’t know what the heck is going on yet, I think I’m going to like this one a lot.

Listening to … I’m about 3 hours into The Lonely Polygamist and it’s good so far. Hopefully it’ll be good enough to merit me listening to it for 23 hours.

Excited About … Tomorrow we start a company-wide challenge at work called Step Up for World Hunger. Basically we form teams, track our steps taken per day as well as any other exercise done, and the company is going to donate money to organizations that work to eradicate hunger based on the amount of steps/exercise we do. It officially begins tomorrow and of course I’m leading a team with all of my employees.

Planning … My Sunday! I’m looking forward to the exact kind of summer Sunday I need – pool time in the morning, some errands and lunch in the afternoon, and a few hours at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park in the later afternoon followed by dinner at one of our favorite little places. It should be a nice balance of a relaxing and fun day.

Loving … the fact that hubby and I get to spend every single Sunday together. I see a lot of friends who have significant others with opposite work schedules, or extremely busy non-work activities, and don’t have a lot of time together, and I am grateful that we have almost the exact same work schedules and NEVER work on Sundays. It’s great.

Hating … the fact that a few of my friends went to a concert of one of my favorite bands in Chicago last night and I wasn’t there. Of course that happens a lot, when you live far away from “home” you miss out on a lot of fun things, and at this point I’m totally used to it. But I have LOTS of fond memories of going to concerts all through high school and college and I do miss doing that with my friends from home. It was a bittersweet feeling when I saw that post on Facebook this morning.

But not to end on a bad note, I love living in Florida and I appreciate every day the fact that I get to live in this lovely place with beautiful weather year-round! It’s done amazing things for my career and my husband’s career, and we know we are for sure in the right place. And now I am off to enjoy this gorgeous day!

What are YOU up to this weekend?

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon”

  1. I think I would love living in Florida too if I could plan a day like yours. I am reading Prodigal Summer. Saturday I had been working in the garden and I went to yoga. I got caught in a down pour at the grocery store. Today I went to church with my hubby after reading the paper in bed together. I plan to go to the library book sale and make a diet soup for a cleansing diet. What concert did you miss, Guster? I am sure that must be dated,ha ha!

  2. I really liked This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. A really good book to read slowly and appreciate. I love the idea of the company wide challenge–I’ve never worked anywhere that had anything like it. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday–it sounds like a perfect plan!

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