The Sunday Salon

Good morning, Saloners!  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty exhausted after the excitement that was Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  It was a super fun week, I added a TON of new blogs to my Google Reader (it’s pretty much bursting at the seams at this point), and I just have to say one more thank you to Amy (and all of her helpers) for putting together such an amazing event.  The festivities just reminded me, for the millionth time, how completely awesome book bloggers are.  You are all so sweet, so much fun, and so supportive of everyone else that it almost brings tears to my eyes sometimes.  Really, we are a great group and I’m thrilled to be a part of this thing called book blogging.

Speaking of BBAW, Friday’s writing prompt asked us about goals for our blogs, and since I didn’t participate for some reason, I thought I’d share my goals with you here.  I have two main goals in mind.  Well, actually three.  The first is to accept less ARC’s because at this point I don’t know when I’ll get through the ones I have, and I REALLY want to read some books for “fun”.  Yes, ARCs are fun, but when there’s the commitment involved it’s just different.  The second goal is to stress out less about the blog.  Here’s the thing: I have social anxiety and I want people to like me.  This goes for blogging as well as IRL people.  So when I read an ARC that I don’t love, it causes a LOT of stress for me.  I worry so much about the author’s reaction, how I’ll handle their reaction, if I’ll look like a jerk, etc.  I need to stop doing this!!  So I’m working on it.  My third goal is to comment more!  I can’t tell you how much comments on my blog mean to me, so I can only assume they mean the same to all of you.  So why can’t I get that in my head and be a better commenter for my blogging friends?  I have no clue.  But that’s a big one – so if you rarely see me stop by your blog, I’m HOPING I will change that in the near future.

I thought of one more, actually.  I’d really like to get my blogroll more updated.  It’s just such a pain to figure out which links don’t work, which blogs no longer exist, which new friends I’ve neglected to add.  So I’d like to enlist you guys to help me on this one.  If you are a book blogger, especially one who reads this blog, I want you on my blogroll.  So if you notice you’re not on there now, please email me and let me know.  Alternately, if you are a blogger already ON the blogroll, just take a second and make sure the link works.  A lot of my favorite blogs have gone self-hosted recently so I don’t know if I’ve fixed all the links – probably not.  If your link does not work, please email me with the proper link and I will fix it.

Wow, three paragraphs in and I haven’t talked about books yet!  So.  I reviewed three books this week, Love You Hate You Miss You, City of Refuge, and Halfway to Each Other.  One I loved, one was so-so, and one is a book which I think should be read by all – check out my reviews to find out which is which!

I’m currently reading three books:

I was reading The Saint and the Fasting Girl too but it really wasn’t working for me so after 75 pages, upon Amy‘s advice on Twitter, I gave it up.  I may give it away this week – check it out on a book site and if you are interested in this book let me know in the comments.  If enough people are interested I’ll hold a giveaway, if not I’ll just choose one of the people who ARE interested.

And as for today, I’ll be heading over to my sister’s place in a little while.  My niece turned TWO on Friday (I can’t tell you how fast this kid is growing up – it’s insane to me) so I’ll be hanging out with them today to have a little celebration.  I don’t have many recent pictures of her, but I will share one from when we took her to Six Flags Great America in June.

010004Okay, maybe two. 🙂  In the second one, that’s Adrianna in the purple top and me in the orange top.

Well, happy Sunday Salon everyone.  Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of the week too!

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon”

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Blindness (that is from a previous post) and In The Woods. I read both of these books this year and enjoyed them both although they are two completely different reads. Have fun with your niece!

    1. Blindness is finished, I hope to have a review up this week. I REALLY liked it although the creepy factor was sky-high. In the Woods is great so far, too!

  2. I’ve heard some great things about “City of Refuge.” I’d really like to get my hands on a copy one day. Also, I’ve heard “Blankets” is pretty good too. I almost bought it last week, but I ran out of money. =( Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    1. City of Refuge was AWESOME. I am so happy that I read it. Blankets is good so far, too, but I’m still learning about graphic novels so I’m reading this one slowly.

  3. I really like your goals and yes we all love comments!! 🙂

    don’t stress so much about not liking a book…we all have different tastes and bring different experiences to a book.

    Enjoy your week!!

  4. I haven’t updated my blogroll all year…and I know I should, but the task seems overwhelming.

    I’m sorry that you have social anxiety; that must be really difficult. But I’m glad you’re a blogger anyway! 🙂 You’re so sweet, I can’t imagine anyone not liking you! (And your niece is so cute! Mine turns FOUR in February, which I find insane.)

    1. you are so sweet, Eva, thank you. 🙂

      Wow, FOUR! I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies. Having a little kid around really shows it – every time I see my niece, she has like 20 new words and is an inch taller. And I see her almost every weekend! It’s crazy.

  5. Commenting is hard…it can be so time consuming, so unfortunately it’s the first thing I stop doing when I’m pressed for time. Which is bad, because I want people to know I read their posts!

    1. I know, same here! I really want people to know I care, there are just too many blogs to read for me to really comment sufficiently. I guess all I can do is try!

  6. I hear you on the commenting. I don’t comment as often as I should. Of course, I’m trying to change. That’s why I’m here.

    Reading blog: Thanks for including me in your blogroll. I need to work on mine, but at least you’re in my reader :).

  7. I see that you are already commenting more 🙂 I would love to be included on your blogroll. Of course, I really need to get mine updated too!

  8. Hi Heather!
    I’m sorry you didn’t get into the book. 😦 I’ve had that happen, too, where a book I’m reading just didn’t work for me. But all the same, I wanted to thank you for giving it a chance. I really appreciate that! Good luck with the rest of your list!

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