Faithful Place by Tana French

Title:  Faithful Place
Author:  Tana French
Release date:  July 13, 2010
Publisher:  Viking Adult
Pages:  416
Genre:  Adult fiction, Mystery
Source:  Library

When Frank Mackey was nineteen, he made plans to elope to England with his girlfriend at the time, Rosie Daly, in order to escape their families and hometown.  On the night of their elopement, Rosie didn’t show, and left a note instead alluding to the fact that she decided to go off to England without Frank.  Frank left anyway, for a bigger city, and eventually becomes an undercover cop.  Twenty-two years later, Rosie’s suitcase is found in an abandoned house on Faithful Place, the street where Frank grew up and where his parents still live.  Reluctantly, he heads home for the first time in over twenty years, anxious to solve the mystery of what really happened to Rosie that night.

Okay everyone, Tana French has done it again.  This woman can write a literary mystery like nobody’s business.  I expected to love this one, and I definitely did, which I’m SO happy about.  Although to be honest, I don’t know how to “review” Faithful Place without gushing all over the place about what a genius Ms. French is, so it’s possible that I might just do that.  Because, guys, she really is fantastic.

I have to admit that of the three main characters in French’s three novels, Frank Mackey is my least favorite.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t still love him, because I did.  In fact, it was his imperfections and the things about him that annoyed me that probably made me love the book more.  Because he felt very real to me, and even when I didn’t love his decisions or the way he carried himself or the way he treated his family, I still wanted him to find peace with the Rosie situation.

The mystery in Faithful Place was crafted unbelievably well, not for one second did I guess how everything would turn out.  I was beyond shocked by the events, and shocked in a good way.  The way everything was tied together made complete sense based upon the story and the characters, and yet I didn’t guess even one element of it.  That should show you what an excellent storyteller French is, and what a master she is at putting together a complex but perfectly wrapped up mystery.

If you haven’t read anything by Tana French yet, what are you waiting for??  She is truly an amazing author and her books are not to be missed. Faithful Place is just one more notch in her belt of awesomeness, if you ask me.

19 thoughts on “Faithful Place by Tana French”

    1. Wellll I loved all three books. But if you absolutely forced me to rank them, I would say 1. The Likeness, 2. In the Woods, 3. Faithful Place. BUT they are all fabulous.

  1. I read Into the Woods (I think? It was a while ago), and although I liked the writing, I didn’t connect with the characters so much. I have a tendency to detach from procedurey mysteries because I find them a bit upsetting. :/

    1. That’s interesting to me because I think one of the most compelling things about French’s books are her well-written and interesting, flawed characters. I would still encourage you to read The Likeness because I felt the characters in that one were absolutely spot-on. There were times when I honestly forgot that I was reading a mystery and just got sucked into the story.

  2. Good question…what am I waiting for? Especially because I own her first two but have yet to crack the spine!! Note to self: get off butt and get first book off of the shelf immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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