Review – Harriet the Spy

Harriet the Spyby Louise Fitzhugh

From the back cover –

“When I grow up I’m going to find out everything about everybody and put it all in a book.”

So writes Harriet M. Welsch, who is determined to grow up to be a famous author.  In the meantime, she practices by following a regular spy route each day and writing down everything she sees in a secret notebook.

“Janie gets stranger every day.  I think she might blow up the world.  I once saw Miss Elson when she didn’t see me and she was picking her nose.”

Then one morning, Harriet’s life is turned upside down.  Her classmates find her spy notebook and read it out loud.  Harriet’s in big trouble.  The other sixth-graders are stealing her tomato sandwiches, forming a spy-catcher club, and writing notes of their own – all about Harriet!

My thoughts –

When I was a kid, I probably read this book over 100 times.  No kidding, it was absolutely, positively, my favorite book ever.  I even spent a brief (I mean very brief, like two days) period of time writing in my own notebook throughout the day all of my observations about the world around me.  I never went so far as to create a spy route, but I sure did love Harriet M. Welsch.

I hadn’t read Harriet the Spy in probably ten years at least when I decided to mooch it for the nostaligia aspect, and I’m so glad I did.  Rereading this book was like catching up with an old friend, someone that you know so well and knows you better than you know yourself.  I almost could recite every word on every page, but it was still so much fun to read about Harriet again.  I’m definitely keeping this book around for my own kids (when I have them), and probably to reread again later on. 🙂

10 stars.

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12 thoughts on “Review – Harriet the Spy”

  1. That’s how The Giver is for me… I’ve read it so many times, but every time it’s like the first time again! I love it!

  2. My BFF Anna and I played “Harriet the Spy” all summer long when we were in the 4th grade. We’d ride our bikes all over town and swich off writing about the people we spied on. We’d make up stories about them too. I really think that I caught the writing bug from this book.

    Thanks for the nostalgic flashback!

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only person who read Harriet and started a notebook. 😉

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