Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

HiddenHidden by Catherine McKenzie
Published by Lake Union Publishing

When Jeff Manning is suddenly struck by a car and killed, leaving behind his wife, Claire, and ten-year-old son, Claire is understandably devastated. But someone else is equally devastated – his co-worker, Tish – and unlike Claire, Tish is unable to share her pain and grief with anyone, least of all her own husband and young daughter. But why exactly is Tish taking Jeff’s death so hard? Was there something between the two of them or were they just people who worked together?

Hidden seems like a simple novel about an affair between two people who work together, but the way that McKenzie tells this story leads the reader to feel as though they have no clue what the relationship was between Jeff and Tish. While the story is told from three perspectives – Jeff’s, Claire’s, and Tish’s – it is not revealed until the very end of the book the extent of Jeff and Tish’s relationship. There are clues and hints sprinkled throughout the book, but the information is not shoved in the reader’s face until the last few pages of the book. McKenzie is keeping the true gist of their relationship hidden from not only Claire and the people she confides in about her suspicions, but the reader as well.

I liked this book well enough but didn’t love it. I liked the characters – Tish and Claire especially – and was hooked enough to want to finish the book to get to the heart of things. I cared about Claire and wanted her to get the answers she was looking for, but I strangely also really cared about Tish and felt real sorrow for her. Even though it’s not told what exactly the relationship status was between Jeff and Tish, it was clear that no matter what had happened between the two of them, she cared deeply for him and was truly devastated when he died. That pain was written extremely well by McKenzie and she made these characters’ emotions very believable.

At the end of the day, Hidden was the type of novel that is entertaining but forgettable. I liked it, I enjoyed the time I spent with the characters, but I will ultimately not remember reading this book after a few months. I would still recommend it if you’re looking for an entertaining, character-driven story.


9 thoughts on “Hidden by Catherine McKenzie”

  1. I’ve read other books by this author and liked them. Honestly, these days, it’s hard for me to remember much about a lot of the book I’ve read in the past. Not sure what that says about me, my book selections, or my memory. LOL

    1. I’m the EXACT same way. I honestly love Goodreads and using this blog for that very reason – sometimes I go back and read old reviews to remind myself of what I thought about the book. It’s super helpful, actually! I’m reading another book by this author right now, Smoke, and so far it’s decent. We’ll see.

  2. It seems like it feel contrived for the author to keep back a secret until the end, given that she gives you the perspectives of everyone involved! That’s definitely a pet peeve of mine – I like secrets, but it has to make sense that we wouldn’t know what the characters know.

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