The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #2)The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
Published by Harper

As second books in trilogies go, this one was pretty good. It advanced the story while providing the reader some back story on events from the past which the first book omitted or only hinted at.

I don’t want to get into plot at all because that would necessitate spoilers for the first book, so this review will be short. What I will say is this – I loved how Kelsea grew into her role and into her power emotionally and mentally. I HATED how she “grew” into her role physically. The author essentially made her become more beautiful as she became more powerful – a terrible message that I absolutely hate was given in this book. Beauty does not equal power, nor should it, and this novel is perpetuating the myth that it is important to be beautiful. UGH. I did like Kelsea, though, and it is not her fault as a character that the author chose to make her become more beautiful. So whatever.

I absolutely loved that Kelsea began to learn about life pre-Crossing, because I had been desperate for that knowledge in the first book. The way that Johansen chose to tell the story, through “visions” Kelsea was getting through a woman’s eyes who lived at that time, was interesting and added an extra element to the story. There were some points in Kelsea’s story that were a little ho-hum to me where I was hoping to just finish the section to get back to Lily’s story. So I liked that.

Overall, this was a good middle trilogy book. While I didn’t love everything about it, I enjoyed most of it and continue to like and admire Kelsea as a character. I will definitely be reading the third book as soon as I can.

6 thoughts on “The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen”

    1. I wouldn’t say that it ruined the series but it was pretty frustrating. I guess the author kind of redeemed that message at the end, but eh. It wasn’t the best.

  1. After reading your comments here, I am particularly curious to see what you think of the series finale. I personally loved the series, in spite of the beauty equals power message in the second book, but the ending is a bit controversial.

    1. I really liked the third book! My review will be up in a few weeks. But in general, I thought it wrapped up most of the character’s stories really nicely, and I actually liked the ending. Although it took me a bit to decide whether I liked or hated it.

  2. I hope you do read the third book Fate of The Tearling. As much as I loved this trilogy, I did, I was disappointed with how it ended. With all the amazing world building, I expected more.

    1. That’s a shame Jackie! I went back and forth about the ending and really had to think about my feelings before reviewing the third book. In the end, I decided that I did like the ending even though I found it really unexpected.

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