I’ve been MIA for over a month?

Wow, sorry guys. I did not intentionally disappear for over a month, but even before my sudden departure it was pretty clear that writing reviews had taken a backseat to something – okay, everything – else in my life. Typically I wouldn’t like to just go MIA without at least saying that I’d like to take a little break but that’s what happened.

I’m here. I’m back. I don’t know how much writing I’ll be doing but I am around, and I’ve been periodically checking in with some of you and leaving sporadic comments here and there.

But to be honest, there’s some personal stuff I’m going through right now that is really hard and really not stuff I want to talk about. And it’s such a huge distraction from the things I would like to be doing – reading, writing, etc. – that the blog and even reading in general has really gone by the wayside over the past couple of months. I WANT to read. I WANT to write about books. But my brain is all over the place these days and it’s been really hard for me to focus. I’m trying to get back into the mental headspace where things are a little more calm and I will be able to focus on reading and other things in my life that truly bring joy, but I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. Working on it.

So please forgive me if I post sporadically or not at all. There are several books I want to tell you guys about, and a few other posts I’ve been drafting in my head, but we’ll see if I can get myself together enough to make it happen.

I am here, though. Send good thoughts and peaceful vibes my way because right now, I need all the positive feelings and love I can get.

Thanks, friends.


14 thoughts on “I’ve been MIA for over a month?”

  1. I’m sorry about the tough stuff in your life. Sigh. Glad you updated, but definitely keeping you in my though and prayers for peace and joy and resolutions. Blogging and reading should be fun and sometimes they are difficult due to circumstances. We’ll be around, thinking good thoughts for you. Take care, truly.

    1. Thank you so much, Kay. I’ve been doing this thing lately where every time I sit down to read, my brain won’t turn off the other stuff. It’s frustrating. Thanks for the support.

  2. Sending prayers and good thoughts that things will be better soon. And I’m glad for you that you’re taking a break if you need to. Fans of your blog (including me) will be here when you’re up to posting again.

  3. Aw, hon, I’m sending you all the hugs and love in the world. There’s absolutely no pressure — the last thing book blogging should be is an additional thing you have to worry about. When you’re back we’ll be thrilled to see you, and in the meantime I know everyone will be sending good thoughts. Hug hug hug hug hug.

  4. You do what you need to do to get things right in your life. You know us, we’ll be here whenever you feel like popping in to say ‘hi.”

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