What I’ve Been Cooking Lately – week 3

So. I didn’t have AS successful of a cooking week as I would have liked, but I did make a few things. I ate leftovers or stuff I quickly threw together three times this week – including one night where I made my tried and true standby of all-veggies-in-the-fridge-go-into-fried-rice (which you’ll learn happens about once a week, sometimes more if I’m running low on ideas and time). I also ate at restaurants twice this week, once with friends and once with the hubby.

BUT. I did make some stuff. First, I made another pizza with fried egg on top, but this time I used basil pesto as the base instead of traditional pizza sauce. I LOVE pesto and can find reasons to substitute it for all kinds of things, but as pizza sauce is probably my absolute favorite – followed closely by in pasta, with a touch of cream. YUM. Anyway, the pizza was delicious and I highly recommend pesto on pizza if you haven’t done it already. And egg! Egg on pizza is amazing, too, but I think I’ve preached that already.

I cooked another meal that was cooking TWO new recipes in one night. Friends, that never happens. Just one new recipe is usually enough to stress me out. But these two both sounded super quick and easy, and the flavors were so similar I thought they’d really pair well together. I made baked lemon butter tilapia from Damn Delicious, with lemon butter green beans from Budget Bytes on the side. I was right – the combination of these two recipes was great and the meal couldn’t have been easier to put together. I also have to say, of all the cooking/recipe blogs I follow, these two are by far my favorites. Every recipe I’ve made from either one of them has turned out great and not one I’ve tried has been too complicated to make on a weeknight. I highly recommend both sites and both of these recipes.

Also, I have to tell you guys that earlier this year I got a rice cooker and it has changed my life. I always loved eating rice but hated cooking it. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I had trouble getting the right proportion of rice to water to cooking time, and sometimes my rice would turn out perfect and other times it would be either a soggy mess or dry and crunchy. I never have this problem now because my rice cooker does everything for me and it really has made it possible for me to have rice anytime I want. Now you know why I make fried rice once or twice a week – I always have cold leftover rice in my fridge! 😉


19 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Cooking Lately – week 3”

  1. Great meal and thanks for the links to the blogs… adding them to my list. I’ve had a rice cooker (simple, non-fancy) since the 1980s! I don’t think I could live without it. I cook rice, quinoa, and other grains in it. Love the “push the button and forget about it” approach.

    1. I need to experiment more with mine. I usually just make plain brown rice or plain jasmine rice in it. I want to find some recipes for ways I can spice up the rice I cook in it.

  2. We have a small kitchen, but I have been tempted by the idea of a rice cooker off and on for years! We always cook it in a saucepan on our electric stove, though, and maybe it’s just from doing it for years, but it seems to work fine. I always follow advice I read in a cookbook long ago, to use a 3/2 ration of water to rice instead of 2/1, and the rice is always great! I make fried rice fairly often, but usually follow some sort of recipe; I’m going to try a more freeform version soon to use up veggies from the fridge. (And I’m a BIG pesto lover, too, but hubby is not, so don’t get to substitute it into recipes as much as I would like!)

    1. I love love love my rice cooker and I’m kicking myself for not buying one years ago. It was the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.

  3. My mum used to have a rice cooker, it was amazing you are right! But frankly I prefer making my own rice. Sometimes I fry it in butter or olive oil first after it has soaked, and before I put the water in (Usually 1.25 cups of water to 1 cup of rice if it is basmati). I used to be awful at rice but I love it so much that I made it everyday one time and since then me and rice have had a great cooking relationship haha. Really enjoyed reading this, and your fried rice with leftover veggies has me dreaming of some to eat right now 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipes!

    1. I think if I took the time to get to know my stove and the pots that I usually use to cook rice I could figure it out, too, but I’m impatient! I love the fact that I can press a button and forget about it!

  4. You sound like you are doing a lot of cooking! It would be great to see photos of what you do.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. I’ve had a rice cooker for years but have only used it a few times. We don’t eat that much rice, I’m just a kitchen appliance junkie.

  6. I think I need a rice cooker. I would eat rice more than pasta if it was easier to cook – not that it is difficult but sometimes you don’t want to waste another pot on something that can take upwards of 40 minutes to cook, like brown rice does.

    1. I totally agree – it’s not “difficult” exactly, it’s more like a time and pot-useage commitment. Although I love that I can make all different kinds or rice and my rice cooker just knows what to do – I don’t have to do a darn thing. It’s pretty amazing.

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