So this week wasn’t as successful at cooking new recipes as last, but I did make a couple of things that I wanted to share.

Sunday I made my favorite easy pasta sauce. It literally has three ingredients and tastes amazing. Apparently it’s originally from Marcella Hazan, but here’s the adapted version from Smitten Kitchen. I guess it’s a relatively famous recipe but I only learned about it last year. I served it over cheese tortellini for an easy and delicious dinner.

Monday I took some of that leftover sauce and used it as the base for a homemade pizza. Don’t get too excited – I didn’t make the crust or anything fancy. I used a Boboli pizza crust, the leftover sauce, and some cheese. BUT I did use this breakfast pizza from Budget Bytes as an inspiration to add a fried egg on my pizza. I actually do this a lot, when I’m looking for something “extra” on my pizza that’s not meat, and it’s always phenomenally delicious.

Tuesday I took some veggies I had on hand and chicken from a roast chicken my mother-in-law had eaten a few days prior and made a stir-fry. Wednesday I think I made a quick sandwich or salad, my husband worked late that night so we didn’t have dinner together.

Thursday I gathered all the veggies that needed to be eaten – broccoli, snap peas, a quarter of an onion, some green onion, carrots, and eggs – and made vegetable fried rice. This is one of my favorite things to make because you can’t really screw it up. If you’ve never made fried rice before here is a really good tutorial from Steamy Kitchen, but once you get the hang of it, fried rice is incredibly easy and always delicious.

Friday I went out with coworkers for really great Mexican food at this new place that just opened up near my work, Don Julio’s. I had a blue crab quesadilla – so so yummy! It was a great time with my work family.

Last night (Saturday) we went out to one of our favorite local restaurants, Colorado Fondue Company, and as always when we go there I was SO FREAKING FULL when we left. But man it was fantastic.

So that was my week! What have you been cooking this week?