What I’ve been cooking lately – week 2

So this week wasn’t as successful at cooking new recipes as last, but I did make a couple of things that I wanted to share.

Sunday I made my favorite easy pasta sauce. It literally has three ingredients and tastes amazing. Apparently it’s originally from Marcella Hazan, but here’s the adapted version from Smitten Kitchen. I guess it’s a relatively famous recipe but I only learned about it last year. I served it over cheese tortellini for an easy and delicious dinner.

Monday I took some of that leftover sauce and used it as the base for a homemade pizza. Don’t get too excited – I didn’t make the crust or anything fancy. I used a Boboli pizza crust, the leftover sauce, and some cheese. BUT I did use this breakfast pizza from Budget Bytes as an inspiration to add a fried egg on my pizza. I actually do this a lot, when I’m looking for something “extra” on my pizza that’s not meat, and it’s always phenomenally delicious.

Tuesday I took some veggies I had on hand and chicken from a roast chicken my mother-in-law had eaten a few days prior and made a stir-fry. Wednesday I think I made a quick sandwich or salad, my husband worked late that night so we didn’t have dinner together.

Thursday I gathered all the veggies that needed to be eaten – broccoli, snap peas, a quarter of an onion, some green onion, carrots, and eggs – and made vegetable fried rice. This is one of my favorite things to make because you can’t really screw it up. If you’ve never made fried rice before here is a really good tutorial from Steamy Kitchen, but once you get the hang of it, fried rice is incredibly easy and always delicious.

Friday I went out with coworkers for really great Mexican food at this new place that just opened up near my work, Don Julio’s. I had a blue crab quesadilla – so so yummy! It was a great time with my work family.

Last night (Saturday) we went out to one of our favorite local restaurants, Colorado Fondue Company, and as always when we go there I was SO FREAKING FULL when we left. But man it was fantastic.

So that was my week! What have you been cooking this week?



16 thoughts on “What I’ve been cooking lately – week 2”

  1. Sounds so delicious and lovely. I haven’t cooked anything this week and have eaten a bunch of awful stuff and too many sugar sweets, that I feel quite ill. But I do fancy some egg fried rice! And lots of steamed green veggies that are lightly salted. Last week we had some roasted fresh salmon with moroccan spice and moroccan style courgettes, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes with a side of white rice, and avocado and mango salad. It was the yummiest dish I have ever had 🙂

    1. WOW that salmon dish sounds incredible!! I love avocado and mango and will eat either of those ingredients on anything. Sounds amazing.

  2. I love both Steamy Kitchen and Smitten Kitchen too. Always have good luck with their recipes. Good job on eating out! Sometimes that’s just what we need.

  3. Well done! Look at you! Using your pasta sauce to make pizza! I haven’t done anything thrilling this week in cooking, except I did make French onion soup again (the Pioneer Woman one) for my aunt and uncle. It was tasty, and I have enough leftover gruyere and enough leftover soup that I think I can institute my plan to do side-by-side taste tests of soup with gruyere vs soup with Swiss, and see if the difference between the two is marked enough for it to be worth buying gruyere in future.

    1. Ooooh I’m super excited to hear about your side-by-side taste tests. I’m not a huge fan of swiss but I don’t mind it in French onion soup. Please report back on the results!

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