What I’ve Been Cooking Lately

I love reading Michelle’s (of That’s What She Read fame) posts every week about the meals she and her family enjoyed each day of the week and for a while now, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar myself. After thinking about it for a while, I realized I don’t cook enough “real” meals to talk about what I make every single day, but rather I cook one or two decent meals every week, usually trying new recipes, so I’ll just share those each week. Sometimes there might be a week where I eat nothing but rice and broccoli every night – or worse, popcorn – but hey, more often than not I’ll get to share with you new and fun recipes I’ve tried and report back on the level of success I had. Sounds good? Great!

This week was really excellent, cooking-wise. Sunday I tried something I had always been afraid of – TOFU – and it turned out fantastic, thanks to this easy recipe and tofu tutorial at Budget Bytes, Pan Fried Sesame Tofu with Broccoli. The tofu was so much tastier than I expected, and the stir-fry sauce was easy and SO yummy. The recipe could easily be changed to suit whatever vegetables you have on hand – I’ll probably throw some carrots and maybe snap peas in the next time I make it.

I can’t remember what we did for dinner on Monday, probably something super quick and easy, but Tuesday I got cooking again and made this Chicken Tortellini Soup from Damn Delicious. I’m super proud of myself because I’ve been trying to get better about not wasting food, eating leftovers, re-purposing something I made once into something else, etc., so in this recipe I substituted some cooked turkey I had in the freezer for the chicken and it turned out great! I’d been meaning to find a use for that turkey for weeks and this soup was the perfect thing for it. I have another bag of cooked leftover turkey in the freezer that I hope to come up with a use for in the next couple of weeks, too.

Wednesday I went out to dinner with friends, Thursday we ate leftovers, and Friday I threw all the vegetables I had in my fridge that were soon to go bad into a pan for a stir-fry. I had this soy sesame sauce in my pantry, so I used that, and while it was a bit too sweet for my tastes I did like it. I probably won’t buy it again, especially now that I know how easy it is to make a delicious stir-fry sauce from scratch from earlier in the week, but the meal was good, healthy, and including chopping up the veggies took me less than fifteen minutes to put together. I call that a win.

Tonight I think we will go out, and I haven’t started to plan what I want to make next week. Stay tuned to find out! Hopefully I keep doing this as a regular feature on the blog – what do you think?


8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Cooking Lately”

    1. Trying to do it every day just would not happen for me, either. Even two a week can be a stretch sometimes, so I’m hopeful that if I start posting about it, I will be more motivated to make delicious things!

    1. Thank you! I am open to stir-fry sauce recipes if you have any really good ones! I had no idea they were so easy to throw together.

  1. Love it! I am always trying to find good recipes to make, and especially to be good about using up my leftovers and not wasting food. Actually! I just recently tried making the French Onion Soup recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and it was super easy and came out amazing. Now admittedly, I was using my sister’s fancy-fancy La Creuset dutch oven, but nevertheless, i was pleased with myself.

    1. Wow! That sounds awesome. I’ve only done a few Pioneer Woman recipes with mixed results. Her shrimp pasta in foil package is one of my all-time favorites and easy go to recipes for a weeknight dinner, but a few others I’ve tried haven’t turned out exactly as I thought they would. I might look into that French Onion Soup though!

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