A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

For the second year now, Trish is hosting this super fun event called A Day in the Life – encouraging bloggers to share the details from an ordinary (or not so ordinary!) day in our lives. I totally spaced and didn’t prioritize recording one of my days this time around, but as I’m reading all the other posts it is making me SO sad that I didn’t participate this year. As I type this, it’s 5 pm on Thursday and I have a decent memory of what happened yesterday. So here is my best recollection of Wednesday, March 23rd. Times are my best guesses.

Oh and – refresher on me, I am a branch manager at a well-known financial institution. 😉

6:40 – alarm goes off. I am not a snooze person so I get up right away, drink some water, brush teeth, and get in the shower. Spend the next 30-40 minutes getting dressed, etc.

7:30 – begin drive to work. It usually takes me about 45 minutes but today’s commute is great because spring break means fewer cars on the road, and NO school buses! Throughout the drive, I think about what I want to eat for breakfast – I’ll probably go with the yogurt I have in the fridge at work – and listen to my current audiobook (Troublemaker by Leah Remini).

8:05 – arrive at work 10 minutes early due to said great commute. Wait around for second employee, when she gets there at 8:15 we go in.

8:20 – do morning pre-opening things like making coffee, getting the branch ready for the day, and other bank/money stuff that is not interesting at all. I make my coffee in the Kuerig we all share and decide that the yogurt does not sound appetizing. Luckily, one of my employees has breakfast burritos that she made and froze in the freezer and offers me one. It’s delicious!

8:50 – unlock the doors and get ready to start the day. A few more employees are here by now.

9:05 – boss shows up unannounced. This is completely fine because I enjoy my boss a lot and don’t feel that I have to prepare for his visit or act any certain way when he’s there. He goes around talking to all of my employees while I sit down with a customer who has an issue with something, and resolve said issue.

9:30ish – 11:30ish – sit down with boss and discuss banking things and come up with a plan for a few things I need to work with my team on.

11:30ish – boss leaves. I start employee lunches, and today I have a very slim staff so I’m covering for people as they take lunch. I spend the next 3 hours helping customers, in person and on the phone, and bouncing back and forth between the teller side and the customer service/banker side.

3ish – sit down to eat my own lunch, the second half of my Chipotle burrito bowl from the day before.

3:20ish – 6:10 – this part of the day is mostly a blur to me. I know we were pretty busy so I helped a lot more customers and dealt with a few issues. Also, at some point during this time another branch manager friend of mine stopped by on his way home because he had to be in the area for something else. We chatted for about 10 minutes and he left.

6:10 – lock branch doors. There are no customers left in the building so my team might actually get to leave on time today! Very excited about that.

6:20 – tellers are done with everything for the day, I let them out and they go home. The bankers and I are staying late tonight to do some phone calls. Ask me more about this if you care, otherwise it’s pretty boring.

7:05 – phone calls done, everyone gets to go home. I start driving home, thinking about what I’ll eat for dinner almost the whole way home. Hubby is working late tonight (until 1 am!) so I know I’m on my own and don’t want to make anything elaborate or that takes up too much time.

7:45ish – get home. Take the dog out, clean up cat litter boxes, unload the clean dishwasher and re-load with dirty dishes in the sink from last night. Change into yoga pants and tank top and continue thinking about what to eat.

8:00ish – pour glass of wine. Stand in front of fridge for approximately 5 minutes before settling on a frozen turkey burger I find. Scrounge up bacon, cheese, and an egg and decide to add all that stuff to my turkey burger. Can’t find any buns so I settle for regular bread.

8:00-8:30ish – while I’m making dinner and while eating, I listen to my current podcast. When I finish eating, clean up the kitchen and put dishes in dishwasher.

8:30ish – time for the dog’s nightly walk. I start the walk with my earbuds in, listening to my podcast, but I abandon that quickly when I realize it’s REALLY dark in my neighborhood and I should probably be able to hear what’s going on around me. We take a quick walk, just around two blocks and back. I’m back home about 15 minutes later.

8:45ish – head upstairs to read for a little while. I finish Night Watch by Sarah Waters and move on to The Art of Fielding. I read for about an hour, while my dog sits by my side, munching on her “cookie” (she gets a rawhide treat thing most nights).

9:45ish – 11:30ish – despite being really tired, I want to watch some TV before bed. We have a TON of shows that we record on the DVR and are always falling way, way behind. This particular night, I pick Madame Secretary. The first episode is so good that I end up watching two and at this point, I’m beyond tired.

11:30ish – not sure exactly when I turned the TV off and went to bed, but I think it was shortly before midnight.

At some point between 1 am and 2 am my husband comes home, but he is really quiet so luckily I didn’t hear him and wake up.

On nights when hubby doesn’t work late, which is most nights, we cook and eat dinner together, talking about our days, and watch one or two TV shows after. He is always the dog walker at night and I sometimes go on the walk, sometimes not. I usually read after TV/walk and he does stuff on his computer. I almost always watch TV before bed, usually while playing on facebook or instagram or some other time suck. I want to get better about what I know is a bad habit, but truthfully, I love terrible reality shows like all the Real Housewives, and right before bed is my favorite time to watch them. So I probably won’t ever stop this habit, at least not anytime soon.

So that’s it! A regular Wednesday for me. Did you record your own day? Head over to Trish’s post to read about how others spend their days!



18 thoughts on “A Day in the Life”

    1. Honestly, I should participate in more dog walks. Usually at night I pick between 20 extra minutes of reading time OR going on the walk, but I should just suck it up and go on the walk every time. I know it’s better for me.

    1. Haha, not every day is this long. I usually work 3 days like this, one where I come in a little later around 9:30, and one where I leave at 4 or 5. Plus I do most of my reading on my days off – Sundays are the best for this. 🙂

  1. Ok, I’ll start with saying – Wow – long day – LOL LOL!!

    No really, it was a long work day, but I guess that is the lot of a bank branch manager, right? I bet the TV shows are a good way to unwind before trying to get to sleep. Make you laugh – make you relax. Enjoyed reading about your ‘day’. Good job!!

    1. LOL you guys are too funny. Maybe if customers didn’t want banks open before and after THEY go to work I wouldn’t have to work such long days! 😉 hehe kdding, kidding!!

  2. Thank you for posting this. It is interesting to know about everybody’s lives. I would love see your pets’s pictures. 🙂

    1. I have this problem where I get addicted to a podcast and I’ll binge-listen to all back episodes, and completely forget about the audiobook. I’m trying this new thing where it’s audiobook in the car, podcast for anything else (cooking, walking, errands, getting ready in the morning, cleaning, etc.). So far it’s been working!

  3. I’m impressed that you’re not a snoozer. You might be the only one. 😉 it’s funny to hear everyone talk about how many times they hit snooze.

    How do you decide when to listen to podcast vs audio? I’m interested in podcasts but feel like it’s a choice between that and my book I’m listening to. And I hear you about the headphones during dark! I’ll sometimes put one in but usually end up freaking myself out.

    Thanks for sharing Heather!! And I don’t think you should feel guilty about the TV. We all unwind the best we know how. When the hub is gone, I usually read until I’m tired and then pop on a show. No guilt!

    1. So, very recently I started doing audio in the car only – I drive about 40 minutes each way to work – and podcasts for everything else. I like podcasts because they take even less concentration than an audiobook, so they’re good for those tasks that you have to kind of pay attention to, like cooking, cleaning, or grocery shopping.

  4. So were your calls to customers to talk to them about other features you could offer them or different accounts that might work better for them? My daughter works in a bank and spends a chunk of most days doing those kinds of calls. I’m with you on the Real Housewives! Sometimes I wish I had all of the lovely clothes and the nice houses but most of the time I sit watching thinking their lives are all way more screwed up then my lowly, average person life!

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