Hippiebanker: Bringing Peace Love and Spirituality to the Workplace, A 12-Week Guide to Becoming a Spiritual Activist in Your Little Corner of the WorldHippiebanker: Bringing Peace Love and Spirituality to the Workplace, a 12-Week Guide to Becoming a Spiritual Activist in Your Little Corner of the World by Camille Sacco
Published by Smashwords Edition

Camille Sacco is a woman on a mission – she is here to show you that you can change the world from your desk at work. All you need to do is be intentional about your behaviors and how you treat others, and this 12-week guide will help you on that journey. Included here are detailed, easy to understand ideas for how you can create a happier, healthier workplace environment, along with journal pages to reflect upon your learnings from each section of the book. People need to understand that it is possible to create a healthy, spiritual workplace, even from at a corporate desk job.

Okay, full disclosure here – Camille is a co-worker and friend of mine. I didn’t read her book as any sort of favor, though – in fact, she never even asked me to read it, I asked HER if I could buy it from her. So these are my honest thoughts but do keep in mind that she and I are friends.

Most of you know that I am in a leadership position at work. I am the “boss”, if you will, of about ten employees. The way I try to run things at work is through compassion, kindness, honesty, and accountability. I take incredibly great care of my people but at the end of the day, we are there to do a job and so I hold them accountable for doing said job. What I love about Camille Sacco’s message is that it’s okay and in fact preferable to be this way. It is GOOD to embrace your employees and customers (if you are customer-facing) with love. It is the right thing to do to take care of your people because you will be rewarded with happy, productive employees and the workplace will feel better, lighter, and more joyful because of it.

I am so on board with Camille’s messaging here. Before I read her book, I was already a believer of most of what she’s saying, and her book reminded me to always keep those feelings top of mind when dealing with my employees and customers. I like that she includes a step-by-step guide to practicing what she preaches, a guide that is easy to follow and follows a very linear approach.

My only issue with the book, and I suppose it’s more of a question really, is that I’m not sure the people who really NEED this book will actually read it. You know who I’m talking about – the horrible bosses out there that just don’t get it, that don’t get how important employee experience is to the whole picture of running a business. Those bosses that just don’t seem to care at ALL about how their employees feel and what their wants and needs are. I worry that while those are the exact people who absolutely need this book, those are the people who would never consider picking it up in the first place.

Besides that I can absolutely recommend Hippiebanker. Camille is so right in what she’s saying here – to have happy, healthy workplaces those of us who are in leadership positions need to take care of our people. We need to look inside ourselves and figure out what we are doing that is preventing our employees from being the happiest and most productive they can be. While Camille is a friend of mine, I also have seen her at work and I believe she embodies what she is saying here. If you are feeling stuck in a rut at work, feeling like corporate culture doesn’t allow you to make a difference to anyone, do yourself a favor and pick up Hippiebanker.