Happy New Year and rules for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

Happy New Year, friends! This time of year always seems so full of hope, does it not? No matter what my year has been like, I always look to January first as a fresh start of sorts. Whether I’ve been conditioned by society to think that way or not, that’s how my brain works at this point. So I’m looking forward to 2016 with hope and excitement.

How was your holiday season? Mine was wonderful – I got to spend time with family and friends, enjoyed a TON of quality time with my nieces and nephew, and really just took time to enjoy my loved ones. I did, however, get an awful sinus infection that I’m still recovering from. And I also got stuck in Chicago for two extra days due to the horrific sleeting, snowing mess that happened on Monday. But I only had to spend one of those two days in the airport for fifteen hours. 😉 Could have been worse – could have been both days!

Anyway. I’m here to officially post my personal rules for Andi’s Read My Own Damn Books 2016.

As a sidenote, audiobooks don’t count towards any of those rules because due to a longer commute for work this year, I want to listen to more audios, and I get almost all of them from the library and currently have no unread audios that I own. So that’s separate from the challenge.

  1. For every library book read I need to read at LEAST one book from my TBR shelves.
  2. I am allowed to purchase as many books as I want for my permanent collection that I’ve already read, loved, and want to own, but every book purchased for my TBR shelves needs to be matched by either reading or culling/DNFing an existing book from the TBR shelves.
  3. I will read at least 6 chunksters from my TBR shelves this year – I’ll define chunksters as any book having 450 pages or more.
  4. I will read at least 6 books from my nonfiction TBR shelves this year.

Just four rules. I can handle that, right? RIGHT? Help me out here, guys. Anyone else planning to read your own books? What rules did you come up with to help yourself succeed?


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year and rules for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks”

  1. You can do it and your rules don’t sound too restrictive. Sorry about the sinus infection, but glad you had a good holiday. I’m doing something similar, but not even as formal as Andi’s challenge. I just want to read my own books. Period. Well, except for a mystery conference that I’m going to in February. Exception for buying books there. Happy New Year!

    1. I look at my bookshelves and am so excited to read them, but yet I keep getting books from other sources! Why? I’m super excited to just read some of my own books this year. I’m glad you are, too!

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