Vacation Recommendation

So! Clearly I haven’t been around much these past two weeks. Mostly that’s because of being busy back at work, doing home stuff, you know the drill. But part of the reason I’ve been absent is because I took a real vacation! This past weekend, my best friends (from middle school – we’ve been friends for 20 years!) all got together in Long Island, New York for a girls’ weekend. I met one of my girlfriends on Thursday morning in New York City for a whirlwind touristy day (since neither of us had ever been there), we spent the night at my girlfriend’s apartment (she lives there), and the other three girls flew in Friday morning. Friday we drove to East Marion, on Long Island, and rented a house for the weekend.

There are many, MANY vineyards up there! I had no idea. We did three tours on Saturday and each place was better than the last. And the wine – amazing. The region specializes in whites (which I prefer), and we had some really delicious stuff. One Woman Wines was definitely our favorite, although we really enjoyed all three that we visited. Sunday we drove into Sag Harbor and enjoyed the cute downtown area, took tons of pics by the water, and had lunch. Evenings were spent just hanging out, playing games, cooking together, just having girl time. It was AMAZING. I don’t think I realized how stressed I had been until I had time to truly unwind and have no worries. Like, the most stressful moment of the entire weekend was figuring out how much to tip our limo driver. And the fall colors up there are breathtaking, we had perfect weather, it was just everything I could have wanted or needed. We all just keep saying how incredibly perfect the entire weekend was.

So I definitely recommend doing something like that for a relaxing vacation of your own! Even if you’re not into wine, the area is just beautiful, there are so many little towns to explore, the water is right there, and this time of year it was just gorgeous.

I’ll talk about books sometime soon, I promise!


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