TDay in the Life Eventoday I am participating in A Day in the Life, hosted by Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity! Many of you know what I do for a living, but if you don’t – I work at a bank as a branch manager. I can’t say on social media what bank I work for, but if you are curious feel free to send me an email and ask. 🙂 Honestly, I feel that, although every day at my job is different from the day before, for those not in banking, what I do is kind of boring. But what do I know, maybe you’re super curious about what a branch manager does all day long? Either way, this is what Tuesday, March 24th looked like for me.

6:13 – Wake up without an alarm. My body is programmed to wake up between 6 – 6:20 every day because I have to wake at this time at least four days a week to get to work by 7:30. But today was not one of those days, so I went back to sleep.

7:40 – Wake up again, this time using my alarm. Lounge around for a few minutes (I have a bad habit of checking Facebook first thing in the morning) and then get in the shower and get ready for work. Get dressed, put on make-up, dry hair, etc.

8:25 – Leave the house and head to work. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook on the way to work, sometimes I listen to music instead. This particular morning I was listening to Florence & The Machine on Spotify. Throughout this drive all I could think about was that I had no breakfast at work so I would have to stop and get something. Ponder what I want pretty much the entire drive.

8:52 – Decide to be good and go to the grocery store to buy yogurt for breakfasts for the week. Get to the store, grab five yogurts to stick in the fridge at work, and get a cup of coffee from the grocery store.

9:04 – Pull into the parking lot at work.

9:00 – Spend about an hour catching up with my assistant manager after I was out of the office for the weekend prior. We discussed a few customer issues and employee issues that came up in the three days (Fri-Mon) I was gone. Also discovered during this time that our customer service scores dropped dramatically over the weekend so I freak out a little, then quickly get my shit together and come up with a plan to improve them with my assistant manager. We discuss how we’re going to make sure the entire branch is adhering to said plan.

10:00 – Sit down with a branch manager trainee that I’m currently training at my branch. Discussed a few questions that he had about stuff that happened in the branch over the weekend and how I would have handled the situations.

10:15 – Sit down with my private banker (she is the banker for my most affluent clients) and discussed a few customer issues she’s been working on, as well as reviewed her calendar for the upcoming week. We’re finishing up our conversation when we get interrupted by a client, so I exit her office to allow her to help the client.

10:40 – Sit down with another one of my bankers who is struggling this month with her performance. We talked through some obstacles she’s facing and started talking about what I need to do to help her succeed when we got interrupted with a customer about seven minutes in. Once she finished with that customer, we went back to our discussion.

11:00 – Customer called asking for the manager, I got on the phone and helped resolve the customer’s issue.

11:20 – Another one of my bankers comes to me with a complicated customer issue. I helped him figure out what to do and how to explain the solution to the customer.

11:40 – My private banker finishes up an appointment with a potential client so I spend some time debriefing the appointment with her and discussing her follow-up plan with the client and reviewing date/time of her next appointment.

11:45 – I hadn’t even opened my email yet and since I was out of the office for a few days I have about forty unread emails. I quickly start catching up on these.

12:00 – The customer that I referred to at 11:20 comes back, now he’s requesting to speak with me, I spend about twenty minutes helping him and trying to solve the issue, he eventually has to leave and says he’ll be back in the afternoon.

Between 12:30 and 2 I kind of lost track of my record-keeping. I know I helped several customers, took a few phone calls, and worked on a few more of those unread emails from the weekend.

2:00 – I head out for lunch. I first have to stop at the store to buy a birthday card for my sister-in-law, mail the card, and then run to Chipotle for a salad. I’m trying to eat a little better so I make sure not to get any dressing, sour cream, or guacamole on my salad (even though I REALLY want the sour cream). I bring the salad back to the branch and eat quickly in the break room. Sometimes I read a book during lunch but on this particular day I read the news on my phone.

3:00 – Back from lunch. My assistant manager and I talk with our tellers about how to improve our customer service scores. We talk through specific things that we need to see them doing with every single customer such as smiling, greeting them right away, and engaging in conversation. She and I then discuss a few housekeeping operational things we need to take care of before she leaves for vacation the following afternoon, then we take the time to do said tasks.

5:00 – My assistant manager and two tellers leave for the day, so I join the one remaining teller to help him for the last hour of the day. It’s at this exact time that the gentleman from earlier with the issue came back, as he had promised. I spent some more time talking with him and attempting to resolve the issue but we didn’t get very far before I had to run back to my teller and help him with something. The customer was satisfied with the help my banker provided since I wasn’t too available to help. For the next hour, I help customers as a teller.

6:10 – Lock the branch doors! Done for the day! 🙂

At this point I usually go straight home and start cooking dinner; however, on this particular day we were having a branch dinner, something we do about once per quarter, usually to celebrate something. This dinner was at Longhorn, so after leaving the branch at about 6:30, I headed to dinner. I have an awesome branch team and we actually like spending time together outside of work. So it was a fun and delicious meal with great people.

8:45 – Leave the restaurant and drive home.

9:15 – Pull into the garage. Spend about a half hour catching up with hubby about our days. He’s watching a TV show that I don’t watch so when we’re done talking I pour myself a glass of wine and head upstairs so he can finish his show. I plan on reading, but by the time I get changed into PJs, wash my face, and all that fun stuff it’s past 10 pm and I’m exhausted. I turn on the TV instead and end up watching The Challenge finale on MTV (horrible, I know).

Sometime around 11 pm I turn off the TV and go to sleep. The end!