The Sunday Salon: I’m Still Here!

Whew, just realized it’s been awhile since I’ve shown my face on my tiny little corner of the internet. I’ve had a hectic few weeks and blogging has definitely taken a backseat to real life – which is fine with me, but I wanted to check in and let you all know that I’m still here, still around! There’s been some drama in the book blogging world lately (drama that I’ve completely stayed away from and won’t talk about here), and some of my favorite long-time bloggers have recently quit completely, so it’s been a sad couple of weeks in the blogosphere. I even thought about quitting myself. Heck, I think about it a lot, actually. But something just compels me to keep coming back, keep sharing what I’m reading with whoever is listening out there – for now, I’m not going anywhere.

When I think about the past month or so of my life all I think about is the word “busy”, but that’s a word I strive to use less than I do, and in any case it’s mostly been a good busy so I’m totally not complaining! Almost every weekend the hubby and I have been enjoying some theme park or adventure of some kind. On February 14th one of my favorite bands EVER, Guster, was at House of Blues here in Orlando and we went to the show – it was amazing. I was so beyond happy to be there, and lucky for me, I have a wonderful husband who happily sits through a two-hour concert of a band he’s never heard of before and doesn’t complain one time. The night after that, Barenaked Ladies was playing at Universal Studios so of course we had to see them, too. Two weekends after that, I headed to Puerto Vallarta for a girls trip – I met five friends from Chicago there and we had five days of too much eating, drinking, sun and relaxing. It was a wonderful trip and I’m so glad I went.

Last weekend Trace Adkins was playing at Universal Studios, and while I’m not a country fan, hubby definitely is, so we met my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a friend of hers there to see that show. The next night, Gin Blossoms was playing at Epcot so we saw them, too. Wow it seems like we see a lot of concerts but really, they are all free with park admission, and we have annual passes to almost all of the parks, so why not take advantage? It’s the best. This weekend has been relatively quiet – we went back to Epcot last night to meet a friend for dinner and caught the fireworks show before heading home, and today has been devoted to grocery shopping, stuff around the house, blogging, and a few other errands throughout the day.

I’m thinking about joining Trish for A Day in the Life, a blogging even that will take place on March 27th, even though I feel like my days are not that exciting. Yes I do a lot of stuff on the weekends bur during the week it’s basically wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv/read, sleep, repeat. I suppose I can enlighten some of you on what happens throughout the day in a bank branch manager’s life. Sound interesting? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’ll probably do it anyway.

Next weekend we’re going to Busch Gardens, which is like two hours away, so we might stay the night so it’s highly unlikely you’ll hear from me. In a month my mom and aunt are coming to visit me! Starting the week after next, my assistant manager is on vacation for more than two weeks, which will be loads of fun (not). All that is to say I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging but I’ll make an effort for sure and as of right now, I’m not quitting. You’re stuck with me. 🙂

What are you up to today?


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: I’m Still Here!”

  1. Can I please ask you what the drama is about? I’m just sticking my toe in the blog review world and don’t want to put too much more into it if it’s going to be a bad experience.



  2. I’m glad to see you back! You have been amazingly good-busy, but even good busy gets old to me eventually. Sometimes I just want to go home, put on my sweats and binge-watch a series on TV or read. And eat cereal. I can’t wait to hear all about your girl vacation (will you be coming to book club?). And yes the drama, if it is what I think it is (involves the words “plagiarism” and “Superwoman”?). I hit my wall and I’m not sorry I’m out of it, but I’m glad you are sticking around!

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