The Sunday Salon

47289-sundaysalonGood morning and welcome to The Sunday Salon. I wish I was the kind of person who has a Sunday morning routine that includes a post every week, but I am just not that person. So you get updates from me sporadically and today is one of those days when I felt motivated enough to turn on the computer this morning and chat.

So this week was mostly uneventful at work, which is a good thing. December was one of the busiest months ever, and while I had an amazing time back in Chicago for Christmas, the rest of the month leading up to it was nonstop busyness as far as work is concerned. January so far has been much calmer.

I’ve been reading! I have finished seven books so far this year, and they have all been very good! That’s a good track record so far, and I’ll take it, but I’m still waiting for my first five-star read of 2015. I’m in the middle of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah right now and I’m REALLY enjoying it. I’d only read one of her books in the past and liked it a lot, but for some reason haven’t picked up any more. If the second half of this book is as great as the first half has been, I’ll definitely read more of her this year. I’m also listening to Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson and while I’m enjoying it, it’s not the kind of book that I find myself excited to come back to. So I really have to make myself listen so I can finish it and move on to something else.

And also, so far this year I’m actually blogging somewhat consistently. I’ve posted a few reviews every week so far, and I have my two scheduled and ready to go for this upcoming week. I’m seeing a lot of chatter out there about book blogger burnout and I go back and forth on that. Some weeks and months I have my shit together and I’m reading and reviewing like clockwork, other weeks and months it just doesn’t happen. And I’m okay with that. I don’t have to be perfect or consistent – I do this when I want, how I want. And lately that means reading a few review copies and actually writing about them in a reasonable time frame. Maybe in a few months it won’t. And that’s cool too.

Let’s talk about the stuff I’m not doing so well. Exercising, for one. I had a great day (yes, day, ugh so pathetic) last week when I woke up at 5:20 am and went to the gym before work, and that lasted exactly one day. Booo. That’s something I really need to figure out and get on some kind of schedule. Cooking, for two. I said months ago that I was going to work my way through one of Rachael Ray’s cookbooks and then post about it here and then … radio silence. To be fair, I did make two recipes from the cookbook (and they were both great) but I still need to post about them. I would like to make one more before reviewing the cookbook overall, though. We’ll see if that happens.

This past week I had two book club meetings. Monday one of my book clubs met at BJ’s Brewhouse and discussed You by Caroline Kepnes. I actually got organized and found discussion questions online, and we had a very lively discussion (and delicious food and drinks). Then on Thursday, my other book club met at Vanbarry’s Public House and we were supposed to discuss Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It was a great group, probably 13 or 14 people showed up, which meant we had a lot of fun and great conversation but almost no talking about the book – just too many people. It was fun anyway, though.

This has been a nice weekend so far. Yesterday I ran a few errands, did some stuff around the house, then my husband and I met another couple for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Today we have no real plans, but we’re considering spending some time at SeaWorld or possibly Universal. This is what we love about living here – we can go to a theme park for a few hours, not get overly exhausted, and head home.

So… what’s on your agenda for today? Happy Sunday!


11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon”

  1. I’m with you on the exercise. Sadly, winter doesn’t help get me motivated. My wife is working on a new yoga routine, but I’m not really into yoga. I just need to get walking, even if it’s inside. At least, it’s something.

    Seven books? Congratulations and also reviewing them too. Very nice. I think I’ve read six so far, but no reviews since I don’t do reviews on my blog anymore. But yay for you, doing what you want to do. I’m glad I caught your post on Twitter. There is a Facebook group too…if you want to drop your link there, if you’re on Facebook. If not, no pressure, I’ll look forward to catching you here…again (I know it’s been a few years since I’ve caught up with your blog).

  2. If I can’t write a post in advance, it means it doesn’t get posted. So sometimes my Sunday post is drafted throughout the week! Or in today’s case thrown together yesterday during “naptime.”

    Exercise. Blerg. I keep meaning to! I want to! Wish I could get motivated. I have been cooking quite a bit, though, so there’s at least that. Mostly because if I don’t then dinnertime is stressful and we end up eating garbage.

    Hope you have a great day–whether you decide to stay in and relax or go out and about. Oh–and glad to hear about The Nightingale. My sister asked if I wanted to read it with her but I hadn’t heard of it yet. Maybe I’ll join her!

  3. After New Years we left on the 5th for Australia and a 12 day cruise. Yeah exercise? Ugh…. I plan to start this Monday – the girls that were on the cruise are planning on starting on February 1st with a “30 By Summer” goal. I am going to kick off this Monday. Hello treadmill 🙂

  4. I would love to come for a visit with Janet Miller Lewis and I will cook whatever you want form the Rachel Ray Cookbook!! We can visit 4-17 to 4-21. We have to get the birthday girl to adjsut her work schedule ancoordinate this so it will happen. Today had lunch and and a card game with your Grandma for her 87th birthday. For me the weekend is never really over, now that I am retired, that is a good feeling come Sunday night. I am finishing reading Unbroken and I have Saturday for book Club. Hubbie and I saw the movie Birdman since it has been praised in reviews. I DO NOT suggest you see this movie, weird and dark. We jsut cannot figure out why this is up for awards. I went to a 2 hour yoga workshop and had a great workout. Have a good week Heather!

  5. I spent several hours of my Sunday lying outside in the sun on a blanket, reading my new library books. It was absolutely smashing. I wanted never to leave, but alas, I had to cook dinner for the family, which I did TOTALLY SUCCESSFULLY. (I am a nervous cook.)

  6. I always got the impression that Kristin Hannah was emotionally manipulative so I’ve never picked up her books. Should I change that? Book club was fun, but let’s face it…even if only five of us show up, do we ever really do much discussing? LOL With the exception of throwing my back out for a week, I’ve been doing well on the exercise front. The new trainer is an ass-kicker.

  7. I like many of Kristin Hannah’s books and hope to start the Nightingale later this week – glad to hear you are enjoying it!

  8. There’s such a fine line between enough people in a book club to have a good discussion and too many. We only had three people the night we discussed Me Before You but had a great discussion about the book.

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