Re-reading Harry Potter

G2bI’m doing it! By “it” I mean joining Sheila’s Harry Potter Re-read that began on November 1. I started reading The Sorcerer’s Stone earlier this week and am REALLY looking forward to digging into these books for what will be, I think, the fourth time.

I joined Pottermore when it first came out and played around on the site for about half a second back then, but lost interest rather quickly. So for the re-read, I went back and got Sorted and I’m Ravenclaw! Which should come as a shock to exactly no one.

Have you read these books before? Care to join me to revisit the fun all over again? Or perhaps immerse yourself in Harry Potter’s world for the first time? You won’t be sorry. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Re-reading Harry Potter”

  1. Ha ha! I had to get sorted too and when I’d heard about this readalong it was through a Ravenclaw ! Did you know Mr Ollivander is/was a Ravenclaw? I didn’t.

    1. Oh, Christina, do it! My life is so ridiculously overwhelming and I made the commitment. I’m making it work! AND it’s, again, so much fun and I’m paying attention even more so as a writer this time around 🙂

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