sparrow readalong

So we have reached the halfway point in Trish’s The Sparrow Readalong and I am happy to say I am exactly halfway through the book. You all know I’ve read this book before – in fact, it’s one of my favorite books of all time, if not THE favorite book of all time, so I was excited to read it for a third time. Here are some of my thoughts at the halfway point.

1. How is The Sparrow matching up with your expectations going into the book? Are you surprised by anything?

Considering I’d read the book before, it’s exactly matching my expectations! I have to say, I like the book more and more each time I read it. I am finding even more to love, more to quote, and more richness within this text than I did the first or even second times I read the book.

2. Do you feel the switching back and forth between past and present to be effective?

Yes I absolutely love how the author does this. Although it’s interesting because since I know exactly how the book ends, I’m noticing a LOT more foreshadowing in the present sections than I noticed the last two times I read the book. Like, if you’re reading hard enough she basically spells out exactly how the book ends. But I don’t think you would catch that (at least, I wouldn’t and certainly didn’t in the past) if it was your first time reading the novel.

3. Which characters do you want to hug and squeeze? Any you’d like to strangle?

The first time I read this book, when I was in college, I loved Anne and just thought – that’s my girl. I already had many of the same beliefs as she does, I thought like her, I wanted to act like her and speak my mind and say hard truths and love people in my life SO fiercely and all of those things. I wanted to be Anne when I grew up. Now, more than ten years later, I still love Anne, truly I do, only my perspective has shifted a bit and I’m finding Emilio to be the one I’m keeping the closest to my heart. Maybe it’s because my religious beliefs have changed since college – I used to be agnostic and now am Christian – or because I know what happens to Emilio, but for whatever reason his character is REALLY resonating with me.

4. Any other thoughts? #copoutquestion

I’m just loving experiencing this wonderful novel all over again! I’m so glad many of you are getting to read and love it too. And I’m wondering if we’re doing a Children of God readalong next month? Trish?