Overseas by Beatriz Williams

OverseasOverseas by Beatriz Williams
Published by Putnam Adult

From the publisher:

When twenty-something Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson attracts the notice of the legendary Julian Laurence at a business meeting, no one’s more surprised than she is. Julian’s relentless energy and his extraordinary intellect electrify her, but she’s baffled by his sudden interest. Why would this handsome British billionaire—Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor—pursue a pretty but bookish young banker who hasn’t had a boyfriend since college?

The answer is beyond imagining . . . at least at first. Kate and Julian’s story may have begun not in the moneyed world of twenty-first-century Manhattan but in France during World War I, when a mysterious American woman emerged from the shadows of the Western Front to save the life of Captain Julian Laurence Ashford, a celebrated war poet and infantry officer.

Now, in modern-day New York, Kate and Julian must protect themselves from the secrets of the past, and trust in a true love that transcends time and space.

This book reminded me of The Time Traveler’s Wife in that it is well-written, with good characters, and features time travel and a romance. It’s definitely a wonderful novel in its own right, and is very different from the book I just mentioned, but I wanted to give you an idea of the feel of this book – because those elements make the two pretty similar.

From the moment I picked up Overseas, I was pulled into the story and didn’t want to leave. I liked Kate quite a bit and was just as skeptical as she when Julian was SO into her from the second they met – he felt so strongly for a perfect stranger, at least that’s how it appeared to her (and the reader). Once the plot moves along, though, it becomes clear that things aren’t exactly what they seem and Julian might have reason to feel so deeply for Kate from the onset.

There is a bit of over-protectiveness on Julian’s part that annoyed me – at one point, he and Kate go away together to an isolated cabin for weeks and weeks and he pretty much insists that she stay inside those four walls while he’s at work during the day – but you later find out that he does have a reason for his concern. Still, I didn’t love that aspect of his personality and I mentally applauded Kate when she decided to go against his wishes and spend a day in the city with an old friend.

But truly, this is a beautiful love story at its core and I did enjoy every moment I spent with Overseas. Kate and Julian are very passionate, and the reader can feel their love through the pages. There is a sense of urgency running through the second half of the novel, once the time travel aspect is brought to the surface and it becomes clear that someone or something is out to destroy their relationship. The very end of the novel had me racing through the pages, desperately hoping that all would work out for the two of them.

Reading Overseas was a highly enjoyable experience! I really appreciate everything about Beatriz Williams – her ability to craft an engaging story with plot twists, the way she constructs likable characters, her beautiful writing, and boy can she write a romantic, sexy book! I am looking forward to seeing what else this truly talented author has in store for me in the future.


5 thoughts on “Overseas by Beatriz Williams”

  1. I hadn’t come across this one but I do like the sounds of it. I haven’t read many time travel books and with some of the ones I have read the focus ends up too much on the time travel and not enough on the story but it definitely doesn’t sound like that was the case here. I’ll definitely have to give it a try. Great review!

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