The Sunday Salon

Currently, I’m

Feeling … Exhausted. Hubby and I drove to Tampa yesterday after work to spend some time with my mother-in-law. We ate at an awesome restaurant on Clearwater Beach, Jimmy’s Fish House, where the food was only decent but the view and atmosphere were absolute perfection. There was a live band – one of the guys was playing an electric violin, which I die for – and you’re literally on a pier on the water. It was a beautiful evening but we didn’t get home until almost 2 a.m. and honestly, after being up since 6 and working all day, it was just too long of a day. My poor hubby drove home while I slept, and I’m STILL incredibly tired.

Dreading … Hubby and I both have to go into work today for two hours because the company is doing a server upgrade, and we have to make sure everything is ready to go for tomorrow morning. The last thing I want to do on a Sunday afternoon is go into work but I know it’s important so I’m not really complaining … just, you know, I’d rather be home reading. 😉

Ok, now some good stuff!

Reading … I finished several books this week – The Maze Runner, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, and All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner. And last night I was able to finish That Night by Chevy Stevens on the drive into Tampa. All of these were excellent reads, so I’m loving the great streak I’ve been on lately! Next on deck is Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando.

Listening to … Still The Lonely Polygamist. I think this one will take me many more weeks since I don’t listen too often so maybe I’ll just update you guys when I finish, sound good?

Watching … I don’t talk about TV much on here but I do watch a lot of it. Hubby and I DVR many, many shows and are still catching up with some of our shows from the spring while also watching a few summer shows. We’re finishing catching up with Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, Shark Tank, Glee, and Once Upon a Time. And our current summer shows include 24, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Bachelorette (I know, I know). I also started watching Veronica Mars on Netflix but I’m not very far along.

Looking forward to … The 4th! We don’t have any plans set in stone yet, but there are a couple of festivals over the weekend that we might attend, or we might just walk over to watch the local fireworks by our house. We went to a local wine and food tasting event on Wednesday night, and they were advertising fireworks on the 5th, which might be nice – less crowded maybe? We’ll see – all I know for sure is that I get the day off and that is always something to look forward to.

What are you up to this Sunday?


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon”

  1. That is a long day and a long weekend. Ugh! Nothing sucks worse than working on a Sunday. But there is the 4th to look forward to. Marianne Murphy and her husband usually have a HUGE party at their house, with fireworks. Haven’t decided for sure if we are going…maybe for a few hours. But there is a Walking Dead marathon going on that weekend too, and my daughter and I are thinking about catching some of it. Love that show. Also just finished Orange is the New Black and Fargo, both of which I would highly recommend!

  2. Hope the server upgrade went well!

    Also, I do not judge at all re: The Bachelorette. I’ve fallen out of watching it regularly, but I remain addicted to any and all recaps of it. Recaps of that franchise are GOLD.

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