The Sunday Salon (AKA no, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth)

I’m not sure who started the Currently… format of TSS but I’m borrowing it. If you know who I should give credit to (or if it’s you!) please let me know!

So, Currently, I am … 

Reading … Just finished up Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang, which I enjoyed, although I’m starting to doubt that anything of his will live up to the brilliance of American Born Chinese, at least for me. I’m also in the middle of This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett,which I’m absolutely adoring. I’m hoping the entire book is as fantastic as the first third because I haven’t had a 5-star read in a while. And last night I just started More Than This by Patrick Ness … 30 pages in and I’m already very intrigued which is a great sign.

Listening to … I was listening to Scarlet by Marissa Meyer for a while but last weekend I had to get a new phone (long story, involving water damage and a toilet … you get the picture) so I completely lost my place and got frustrated trying to find it again. I think I’ll finish that one up with a print copy, and get started on what’s next on my queue, The Lonely Polygamist. I’m a bit nervous about that one because typically I don’t do long audios – has anyone listened to it? Thoughts?

Writing … Obviously nothing, from the state of this blog. I’m hoping to get a few reviews scheduled today.

Remembering … What a fantastic time I had last weekend! Hubby and I traveled to Chicago on Thursday for a good friend’s wedding Friday night (which was so. much. fun.), then spent the rest of the weekend with family before flying back home Monday night. I got lots of time with my nieces and nephew, mom, sister, brother, aunt, grandma, dad, etc. It was a really good weekend even though it was literally packed with doing stuff every minute of every day. And I got to eat my favorite Chicago foods, as well as try a new to me breakfast place, The Bongo Room. AMAZING. I’m still thinking about those pancakes. Plus an evening of playing Cards Against Humanity with my husband, my brother and his girlfriend, and my mom and stepdad? Priceless.

Looking Forward To … Things settling down a little bit for the summer months. I feel like since April I’ve been busy with something almost every weekend, and it’s all been good stuff, but I’m just ready for a little bit of down time. Summer is HOT here in central Florida, so I’m hoping for lots of pool and beach time and maybe even some time at a few local water parks.

What are you up to this weekend?


7 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (AKA no, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth)”

  1. Have you read any Susanna Daniel? Since you live in Florida you might enjoy Stiltsville and Sea Creatures. She came to talk at a book event in Beaver Creek, CO called Books in Bloom and mentioned she was working on a third book about an artist as well. Not sure if it will be set in Florida. Good reads!

  2. Your trip to Chicago sounds awesome. My trips home used to be run run run, then my parents aged and slowed down and it’s a bit diff now. You’ve been reading a lot, I do that too, read read read…oh gosh I want to review… not nearly as much fun as reading.

  3. It’s wonderful to be busy with fun stuff but some down time to great to have, too, isn’t it?! I loved The Story of A Marriage – so many marvelous essays and it made me think so much.

  4. I’ve got Happy Marriage loaded on my iPod, and I’m excited that you like it. May have to get to that one sooner rather than later. I listened to both Cinder and Scarlet on audio as well. I think I liked Scarlet a little better, but the narrator bothered me. And yes, hot. If you aren’t up by 6:00 to exercise outside, you are in for it. Today we did early church, brunch at OLV (mimosas!), and golf. In the heat. I love putting with the sweat dripping down my nose. But we came back and swam so that was good.

  5. Lots of pool and beach time AND NO HURRICANES. That is my wish for every summer here in my bit of the Gulf South.

    I hope you like More Than This! It actually took me a while to get into it — I wasn’t truly hooked until a third of the way through or maybe even a little farther — but after that I loved it.

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