Someday, Someday, MaybeSomeday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham
Published by Ballantine Books

Aspiring actress Fanny Banks has given herself just three years to become successful, and with just six months to go things aren’t looking good. She’s working as a cocktail waitress, living in Brooklyn with her best friend Jane and their friend Dan, an aspiring writer with a deadline of his own. Even though Fanny is getting call backs from auditions, she’s only booking silly things that she doesn’t feel are  “important” enough for the actress she knows she’s capable of becoming. And the charming guy in her acting class, James, who begins to show interest in her, keeps telling Fanny how important it is to be taken seriously as an actor, if you want to become successful. This is a truly funny and heartwarming coming-of-age story set in New York in the early ’90’s – a story about finding and accepting yourself.

While I’m a huge fan of Lauren Graham (the actress) I wasn’t sure how her talent as an actress would translate into a talent for writing fiction. Luckily, she seems to be excellent at writing too and I thoroughly enjoyed her first foray into the fiction world. I am sure that much of this novel is based on Graham’s own experiences as an aspiring young actress when she was in her twenties, and the authenticity of those experiences shines through on the page.

Fanny is an extremely likable character and she’s easy to root for from the very start. She’s smart, ambitious, funny, interesting, and someone I would want to be friends with. Her inner monologue is hysterical at times, as she’s constantly analyzing the people and situations around her and has running commentary to provide for the reader on just about every single thing that happens to her. It’s impossible not to be entertained by how she interprets the world around her and deals with the obstacles that come her way. She’s the kind of character that you can’t stop reading, that you want to get to know better and hang out with in real life.

I loved how the romance in this story is such a small part of the overall novel. She’s in a relationship with this actor guy, but the reader never gets to know him well because even though he’s a somewhat significant part of Fanny’s life, acting and the pursuit of success is such a bigger part. At one point there becomes a sort of love triangle thing going on, but even that story is secondary to the story of Fanny’s journey, both professionally and personally. I loved how this book is really all about Fanny and the guys (and her best friend) in her life are so secondary to what’s going on with her.

I enjoyed Someday, Someday, Maybe quite a lot! Also, I forgot to mention this but Lauren Graham narrates the audio herself and it is fantastic. I highly recommend the book and listening to the audio.