The Sunday Salon – first one of 2014!

Good morning and welcome to the first Sunday Salon of the new year. I really love the feeling this time of year gives me – like I can start fresh. Even though it’s just a day, no different from any other day on the calendar, turning that page to January always feels like a new beginning and all things are possible.

This past week was a good one, but it felt strange as having New Years Day fall in the middle of the week gave me a broken-up work week. I went out with friends on Monday evening (40 cent wings if you must know), and then Tuesday evening was NYE! We celebrated with two other couples by having dinner at Ocean Prime, a place I’d never been to before but was every bit as amazing as my friend said it would be. We were home by 11:30, and I was able to get my champagne opened and ready for the ball drop. A perfect evening, to be honest – I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

We didn’t do a whole lot New Year’s Day, but it was nice to just get a few things done around the house and relax. Hubby and I briefly discussed any resolutions we might have for this year – neither one of us is big into real resolutions but there are a few things we are thinking about. We definitely want to spend less money – we don’t spend more than we have, we don’t get into credit card debt, but we’d like to spend a little less so we can save a little more. We both want to get healthier – he’s been faithfully going to the gym and using a personal trainer for months now, but I need to get back into the gym and we both need to eat better. I would like to cook more (goes hand in hand with eating more healthfully!) and actually utilize some of the many cookbooks I have lying around my house and the cooking blogs I follow. Like I said, nothing too concrete or setting ourselves up for failure, just a few little things that should make our lives better.

I finished my first book of the year on New Years Day – Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed – and I LOVED it. So much in this book resonated with me. It’s going to be hard to review because I just want to say “READ IT!” and leave it at that.

I’m excited to say that I have a full week of reviews scheduled next week! Three books that I finished in 2013 but all publish this year – and all three of them are ones that I really enjoyed. So keep an eye on the blog for some actual book reviews! Very exciting stuff indeed.

Not much is planned for today. Hubby just left to have lunch and see a movie with a friend, and I’m contentedly looking forward to a day of reading, blogging, laundry, possibly a little grocery shopping and cooking dinner.

What are you up to this Sunday? How was your New Years?


7 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – first one of 2014!”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. I’m also working at more consistency with my blog, and getting ahead on reviews, scheduling out.
    Today I’m hoping to finish the book shelves, organizing and arranging. I’d like to read some, and write a couple of posts, and do the laundry…since it’s noon and I’m still in pjs I’d better get cracking. Looking forward to seeing your new reviews this week!

  2. Happy New Year! Your New Year’s week sounds lovely. This Sunday I’m making red beans & rice and lying around watching football — two goals that are perfectly compatible since you put the beans and rice on to simmer in the morning and just let it simmer all day while you do other things. 🙂

    (And the Bengals are up! Woot!)

  3. Today I have stayed in the house all day. We are in the middle of endless days of snow and dropping temperatures. But I have a SNOW Day tomorrow! so tonight is just like having an extra Saturday. I put away all of the christmas decorations with the help of my family and decided to clear all counters and tables to get a fresh clean look. I wanted something yummy to eat, so I roasted two sweet potatoes and cubed them into a simple warm potato salad with nuts and craisins. Also made a simple coconut milk chicken dish. What cooking blogs do you follow?

  4. Those sound like great resolutions. I’ve totally fallen off the healthy eating wagon so I pulled myself back on that January 1st. I have a Fitbit that is helping me. Yesterday the kids were seriously lazy, so my hubby and I went to church and then played 18 holes. It was gorgeous outside (even a little hot) but that is going to change today I think.

  5. I’ve never gone out for New Year’s: I always stay in. 🙂 But my whole family got together to play games this year, so that was really fun.

    May I suggest soups as a really easy way to begin cooking more & eating more healthily? They’re my favourite things to make, because they’re almost always simple but involve lots of veggies & are usually fabulous leftovers too!

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