Mini-reviews: A Hundred Summers and The Newlyweds

A Hundred SummersA Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams
Published by Putnam Adult

I loved this book so much that I don’t have much to say about it. The characters, the historical setting, the drama, the intrigue of the fact that the reader knows the characters have secrets, the romance, and all of that set at the beach! It was the perfect book for me and I couldn’t put it down. I think that so many readers will identify with the main character, as we all have toxic people in our lives that just don’t seem to disappear, but we are somehow drawn to anyway, which is the case for Lily with her “friend” Budgie. I was highly entertained by every aspect of this novel, and it was extremely well-written too. I absolutely look forward to reading Williams’ first book, Overseas, and I highly recommend A Hundred Summers.

The NewlywedsThe Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger
Published by Knopf

This novel, about Amina, a woman from Bangladesh who marries an American man, George, and leaves everything she’s ever known to be with him in his home in Rochester, New York, charmed me from the beginning. The clash of cultures was evident from the minute Amina stepped off the plane and into George’s arms, and their constant struggles to understand and empathize with one another were just like that of any other married couple – except much more complicated. Not only that, but Amina’s isolation in this foreign land made me feel so much compassion and empathy for her situation – I couldn’t imagine being in a situation like that. Freudenberger does such an excellent job helping the reader get to know and understand both Amina and George, even though the novel is told from Amina’s point of view. I listened to this one and the narrator, Meera Simhan, who was a new voice for me, did an excellent job. I highly recommend The Newlyweds, I fell in love with these characters and Freudenberger’s writing is absolutely great.


6 thoughts on “Mini-reviews: A Hundred Summers and The Newlyweds”

  1. The Newlyweds sounds intriguing; I’m always curious about novels set in upstate NY! And glad to hear the audiobook version is good, as I love audiobooks. 🙂 In my Russian class in college we watched the most cringe-worthy documentary on a Russian mail order bride (who didn’t speak English) & her American husband (who didn’t speak Russian) and their train wreck of a marriage.

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