Someone Else’s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson

Someone Else's Love Story By Joshilyn JacksonSomeone Else’s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson
Published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins
Review copy provided by She Reads

From the publisher:

Shandi Pierce is juggling finishing college, raising her delightful three-year-old genius son Nathan, aka Natty Bumppo, and keeping the peace between her eternally warring, long-divorced parents. She’s got enough complications without getting caught in the middle of a stick-up and falling in love with William Ashe, who willingly steps between the robber and her son.

Shandi doesn’t know that her blond god Thor has his own complications. When he looked down the barrel of that gun he believed it was destiny: It’s been one year to the day since a tragic act of physics shattered his world. But William doesn’t define destiny the way others do. A brilliant geneticist who believes in facts and numbers, destiny to him is about choice. Now, he and Shandi are about to meet their so-called destinies head on, making choices that will reveal unexpected truths about love, life, and the world they think they know.

You all know how much I love Joshilyn Jackson, right? How in my eyes, she is the kind of author who can do no wrong? Well, Someone Else’s Love Story is just one more title in a string of others by her that I loved. As usual, I was charmed by these flawed but lovable characters, her hilariousness amidst super serious themes, and what was truly a love story unfolding in these pages. But let’s get a little more specific, shall we?

The novel starts out with a bang, literally, as Shandi and her son are caught in a gas station robbery while road-tripping to Chicago. This part of the novel is intense – there are moments when the reader truly can’t tell if something terrible is going to happen to Shandi or those around her. The tension is heightened by the fact that while her brain is fearing for her life in the gas station, her heart is busy falling in love with William, a perfect stranger who saved her child’s life without thinking twice. So there’s this palpable sexual tension between Shandi and William – at least, in Shandi’s mind there is, which is enough for the reader to be able to feel it too.

Once this part of the book has concluded, the reader really begins getting to know Shandi as a person and all the complexities that her life entails. She’s more interesting a character than she seems at first glance, and is made even more interesting by the fact that she’s keeping things from the reader for much of the novel. I personally was anxious to continue turning the pages, just to keep learning more about her and figure out who this Shandi person really is. Also, her best friend, Wolcott, is a huge part of the story, and I enjoyed him immensely – I wanted to get to know him on a deeper level, too. Jackson afforded me these opportunities in spades, but I had to be patient and allow her to take me on her journey with these characters. But no worries – I loved every second of it.

Jackson has a way with endings, and I have to say, this one ended perfectly. And that’s all I’ll say about that!

Someone Else’s Love Story is another fantastic novel by the amazingly talented Joshilyn Jackson. If you haven’t yet given this author a chance, you must!


10 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson”

  1. You have to read the prequel novella “My Own Miraculous”. Gives you a little more on Wolcott and Shandy. Now I HAVE this book on my shelf, but I’m stubbornly holding out for the audio. Whenever the HELL the library is going to offer it.

  2. I forgot about this author! I’ve had her on my list for a while — so many bloggers have raved about her — and I definitely need to check her out. (Probably not this one though, I can’t handle reading about muggings and other such potentially-you-will-get-murdered crimes.)

  3. **Hangs head in shame** Despite reading rave reviews of her work, I have never read anything by her! I’m hoping to remedy that before the end of the year!

  4. I hadn’t read anything else by this author before, but I want to after reading this one! I was very impressed by her ability to use humor well when discussing such serious topics and loved the well-fleshed-out characters. Great review 🙂

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