Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

9780812993844Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
Published by The Dial Press, an imprint of Random House

Lottie is happily in love with her boyfriend and just KNOWS a proposal is around the corner. When the “important question” he asks her over a special meal is not THE question, Lottie gets fed up with the whole situation and gets in touch with an old flame, Ben. Ben and Lottie had a pact to get married if they each were still single at thirty, so since her boyfriend won’t marry her, Lottie jumps at the opportunity to marry Ben. Lottie’s sister, Fliss, and Ben’s business partner, Lorcan, are both horrified at the marriage and concoct a crazy plan to sabotage their wedding night so they can’t consummate their marriage – thereby giving them the opportunity to get an annulment, which Fliss and Lorcan are sure they will want when they realize what an awful mistake they have made.

Wedding Night was a book club pick that I would never have picked up otherwise. I do enjoy chick lit from time to time, but I read a Kinsella novel several years back and did not enjoy it, which caused me to never want to read another one. However, I must say that I enjoyed this book a lot more than I expected to and was sad when I couldn’t make it to the book club meeting because I wanted to hear how everyone else felt about it.

This novel was honestly pretty silly – the lengths that Fliss was willing to go to in order to sabotage her sister’s love life were crazy, but also hilarious. It seemed like just as she was out of luck, she would come up with another insane plan that would actually work, leaving Lottie and Ben angry, frustrated, but with no clue that it was Fliss who was behind all of the crazy stuff that happened to them.

While the ending was quite predictable and the majority of the novel was incredibly unrealistic, I did enjoy Wedding Night quite a bit. It was a quick, fun read that kept me entertained when I was having trouble focusing on any other book. If you like chick lit type reads, Wedding Night is a great choice, And now I have to admit that I DO like Sophie Kinsella’s writing and will look into some of her other books when I need this kind of novel!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella”

  1. aw I’m sad you didn’t like the previous Kinsella you read, I LOVE her books. They are always a nice time for me.

    bummer you couldn’t make the book club, though!

  2. All of her books are ridiculous but so fun, but this one I just couldn’t get through. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been reading much lately so I may have to go back and pick this one up based on your recommendation!

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