Wow, I hadn’t realized until now that the last time I did a Sunday Salon was APRIL. I guess it’s pretty clear that I’ve been a busy person this summer. What have I been up to … Well, in June I spent a week in Indian Shores, FL with several of the women in my family (mom, aunt, grandma, great-aunt, two cousins) – this is the second year we’ve done this and it’s become an annual tradition. It was truly a phenomenal week, as we went on a dolphin cruise and saw a TON of dolphins in the wild, visited the Salvador Dali museum (which was an incredibly cool and fun experience – I highly recommend going if you’re in the St. Pete/Clearwater area), walked on the beach every morning and evening, and generally had lots of fun in the sun.

About a month after that, hubby and I took a vacation together to California. We flew into LA, where his dad and stepmom recently moved, spent a couple of days with them, then drove up to San Francisco, where my aunt and uncle live, spent a few days with them, and drove back to spend one more day in LA. We did a LOT in a week, especially considering that two whole days were spent driving. But I have to say, driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway is something everyone should experience. It was absolutely the most gorgeous drive I have EVER taken. Some of the things we did include Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Blvd, a tour where we saw celebrity homes in Malibu, Santa Monica beach/pier, Muir Woods, Napa, and Sausalito. It was a super fun trip, something I hope we get to do again in a few years.

So besides these awesome vacations, my summer has been relatively uneventful. I got fantastic work-related news while on my trip to California – not exactly a promotion, more like an awesome opportunity for me. I can’t share details here, of course, but if you are interested email me and I’ll be happy to gush in a non-public setting. Truly, it’s a great change and this past week was an awesome week work-wise, due to this great thing. Yay for work going well!

Besides all THAT I have been reading! I read some fantastic books while in California (Rose Under Fire and Fangirl being the two most fantastic) and I’m excited to share my thoughts on them with all of you. Look for reviews soon!

Today is definitely a get-stuff-done day. I’ve got laundry, review writing, library, grocery shopping, and dog bathing on the agenda. Hopefully I can get these chores done and get some reading time later this afternoon.

What are you up to this Sunday?