Catching Up

Remember how my job was kicking my butt for months on end? And remember how I said there was light at the end of the tunnel, and after that, I would finally be able to breathe a little easier, relax a little more, and keep up a little better with the blog?


Work is STILL kicking my butt. And yes the “end in sight” I was waiting for did come, but turns out I’m still working way more hours than I’d like to work and not spending my downtime doing anything at all blog-related. But at this point I’m so over the little, nagging feelings of guilt I was still holding onto about neglecting the blog. It’s just been neglected, and I’m completely okay with that. I’m doing my best here.

My brother and his girlfriend have been in town for just under two weeks now. It’s been an absolute blast having them around – we’ve done all four Disney parks, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, taken them to all of our favorite restaurants and hang-out spots, and at some point it became a good idea for them to adopt two kittens to take home to Chicago/Milwaukee where they both live and divide their time. And of course, over the course of their visit, I haven’t taken any vacation days! Just a couple of regular days off (which is nice in and of itself). So it’s been a whirlwind. They leave tomorrow and while I’m sad to see them go – it’s been really fantastic spending this much time with the two of them – I’m ready to carve out a little more of my so very valuable free time for myself.

I have two vacations planned this summer, and hope to spend a lot of my additional free time at the pool and beach (and of course, theme parks). So quite honestly I don’t know how often or in what capacity I’ll be blogging. But there’s no quitting happening here, things are just going to go at whatever pace I can handle. I’ve been reading and have quite a backlog of books I can talk about. Although I’m only reading about a book a week, maybe two in a good week, I have been reading some good stuff and I’d love to tell you guys about it.

Anyways. All that is to say that I am still here! Alive and well. Just busy. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I’m just lucky that I do have a great career, lovely family and friends, and great aspects of life to get in the way of blogging. I’m totally cool with it, and am ready to go with the flow and enjoy my summer.

What have you been up to?


4 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. So good to see your update!! I’m happy you’ve had a good family visit. I hope to catch up and actually attend a book club meeting someday!!

  2. I saw you were a “maybe” tonight, but if you still have family in town, I would imagine you won’t be there 😦 However I do understand. I have had a hard time caring about the blog honestly. I need these kids out of school and I need to get my son better! Nothing else matters at this point. Glad to see you come up for air…hopefully will see you soon!

  3. Sorry that work continues to be busy–I know how draining that can be, especially when the personal time is so limited. I’ve been struggling to get up just a few posts a week and the visiting of blogs seems to be non-existent. But…we all do the best that way can do and it sounds like even though you’re working your tail off you’re still having some fun. And hey–a book a week is awesome!

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