And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry

Patti Callahan Henry And Then I Found YouAnd Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry
Published by St. Martin’s Press, an imprint of Macmillan
Review copy provided by the SheReads Book Club

On the surface, Kate Vaughn seems to have it all – she’s close to her family, she has a wonderful boyfriend, Rowan, who is ready for marriage, and she owns a successful business. But secrets from her past continue to haunt her, and when she is faced with the possibility of settling down with Rowan, she panics and travels back to the place where her life took a devastating turn thirteen years ago – and to the person who caused this huge life event to occur. But opening up pieces of her past she’s kept hidden all these years makes things even harder for Kate, and she must figure out how to come to grips with the choices she’s made and move forward so the people who love her can do the same.

Reading And Then I Found You was a total win-win for me – not only is it the SheReads book club April selection, but also the author is going to be at the UCF Book Festival in a couple of weeks! Meeting authors is incredibly fun no matter what the situation, but when I’ve read and enjoyed one of their books, the meeting is SO much more rewarding. So I’m now really looking forward to meeting Patti Callahan Henry!

This is a novel with a ton of heart, and honestly it captivated me from the very first page. I’m not afraid to admit I even shed a tear or two at the end. Kate had to make a decision, at a relatively young age, that many women face at some point throughout their lives – what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. The choice that she made at that time, while in hindsight still was the right thing to do, shaped so much of Kate’s life from that point on. She wasn’t able to fall completely in love with Rowan or any man before him because of this huge choice she made that continued to be heavy on her heart, and I found myself feeling incredibly sympathetic towards Kate because of this. She definitely wanted to let the past go and move on with her life, but she was so emotionally tied to everything that happened that she was unable to do so.

There’s a lot happening in this story that I’d rather not spoil for you, so I’d rather not talk too much more about the plot. Instead I’ll let you know that these characters became real to me as I read this novel – I hoped for Kate to find a resolution and some peace in her life, I wanted good things for the kind and patient Rowan, and ultimately I wished for a romance to happen that was pretty touch and go for most of the novel. I was definitely hanging on to every word Callahan Henry wrote in this novel and waited desperately for the ending I was really hoping to see.

I truly enjoyed And Then I Found You. This is a sweet, lovely novel that deals with a serious topic. I found a lot to love about these characters and rooted for them the whole way through. This was my first time reading a Patti Callahan Henry novel but it will not be my last! For lovers of women’s fiction, this is a great one to pick up.

4 thoughts on “And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry”

  1. I thought the book was so easy to read, and had a great sense of place (I want a boutique like that) but got a little frustrated with Kate and the fact she wanted EVERYTHING! I’d never read any of her books before and I liked her style though so I’m excited to pursue her further!

  2. I’m so glad that you liked it and will get a chance to tell her how much emotion this book drew out of you! Your review today was excellent, and even though I haven’t read the book, you make me want to find out if Kate finally manages to have peace.

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