Reached by Ally Condie

Reached by Ally Condie
Published by Dutton Juvenile, an imprint of Penguin

I’ve felt progressively less excited with this trilogy as the books have gone on, and all I can say about this final installment is that I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad I read it, to see how things turned out for Cassia and Ky and Xander, but I’m more glad it’s done. This sounds horrible, I know, but I just grew bored with the whole thing and I found this third book to be much too long for what it accomplished.

One thing I did like about Reached, and I believe I felt this way about the earlier two books as well, is the excellent writing. Condie really does write beautifully, and the book is full of philosophical questions about life, freedom, the inherent right we have to choice as human beings, and all kinds of other important things. The way she infuses poetry and other historically important writings throughout these books is really smart and gives this series a bit more substance than your typical dystopian novel.

I do like how Condie chose to end this series but I just felt that the book was overall too long and I got bored while reading it. The resolution was good, though, so I don’t know. I think if you liked the first two books you should probably finish the thing. I just wasn’t thrilled with the second book and wasn’t overwhelmed with love for Reached, either.

Did you read this series? Thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Reached by Ally Condie”

  1. I read the first book and loved it, but hearing about this one (your thoughts echo others’ I’ve read) I wonder if leaving it at Matched and liking it by itself is best, and I’m anxious, as it were, about how the triangle is resolved. There was a lot of potential in the series and it doesn’t make sense that it could have gone so wrong, but then sometimes authors do write sequels that leave you wondering what happened.

  2. I couldn’t even get through the first one. It just didn’t seem to go anywhere, and it was all too predictable for me. There was a lot that I felt could have been done in a more suspenseful and interesting way, but sometimes the author would surprise me, like she did you, with a beautiful quote. In the end, I decided that this one just wasn’t for me, and gave up. I am glad to hear that you saw it through though, and that even though it wasn’t a favorite, you still had your questions answered.

  3. Ugh. Well I have the first book, and I gave it to Emma as my litmus test. She got about halfway through it and abandoned it. So there you go.

  4. I was disappointed by the direction both sequels went in – the most engaging part of Matched was Cassia living in the Society. Once she was outside of the Society, it lost a lot of its charm for me

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