The Sunday Salon

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all! I had a delightful morning taking Charlotte to the dog park so she could run and play with her “friends” to her heart’s content, I’ve got laundry almost finished for the weekend, and now I”m relaxing with a cup of coffee and looking forward to visiting some of your blogs. Today has a loose agenda – we need to hit Target for a few things and we are going to try a new restaurant in our neighborhood for lunch. Other than that I’d love to get some more reading done and definitely spend some time outdoors as it’s gorgeous here in sunny Florida this January.

One thing I have to share this weekend is that I just finished my fifth book of the year last night, and I’m shocked and delighted that FOUR out of those five books have been five-star reads for me! This is looking to be an amazing year in reading, especially if I continue to choose books based on what I really REALLY want to read, and based on what I think I’ll love. If you’re curious to take a gander at what exactly those five-star reads were, I am on Goodreads and do keep it up to date. I don’t post reviews there, but I do use it to keep track of what I’m reading and to rate books since I don’t use a rating system here on the blog.

Also, I’m super proud of myself because I have reviews scheduled through the rest of the month. I don’t think I have EVER been this far ahead with scheduled posts and I’m loving it. It’s a feeling I’ll try to remember and keep up with for as much of the year as I possibly can.

Good thing I’m scheduled ahead because I might not have a ton of time to blog the rest of this month. Next week I have a full work week, tickets to the Orlando Magic game (courtesy of the amazing company I work for) on Friday night, work Saturday, and the following Wednesday I head to Chicago for an extended weekend. My niece Kendall is turning a year old and you can bet I will not miss her first birthday party! By the time I return the following Monday, January will be over – time flies. My goodness.

Oh, and I forgot to mention – I’m headed to the Bahamas for a long weekend at the end of March and trying (like, with real effort, not just “trying”) to lose 10-15 pounds before the trip, so I’ve been working out 4-5 times a week for about a month now. I’m not a person who can diet but what I can do is be more careful about what I’m eating in general and be more caring towards giving my body the exercise it needs and deserves. So that’s what I’m doing, and while I’m happy and feel better already, it certainly takes up a good portion of my free time!

So. I better get back to my coffee-drinking, blog-reading Sunday morning ways. What are you up to this lovely weekend?