Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

From the Trade Paperback editionSharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Published by Broadway, an imprint of Random House

Camille Parker is a cutter. In order to deal with the pain of losing her sister when she was young, and of dealing with her unstable mother, as a child Camille began cutting words into her flesh and didn’t stop until her recent stay at a psych hospital. Camille is a reporter, and when a series of violent crimes takes over the town where she grew up, Camille has no choice but to move back into her childhood home for a period of time in an attempt to boost her career by getting a first-hand look at these murders. Unfortunately, the time spent at her mother’s home is about to undo all the healing she did at the psych hospital, as nothing is normal in this household and all the old wounds Camille thought she pushed away begin coming back to the surface, just as painful as ever.

I cannot BELIEVE I just discovered Gillian Flynn this year when she’s been publishing these insanely gritty books for years! This is her first novel, and while I have to admit that you can tell it’s a first novel, especially compared to her other two, it was still pretty great.

The way that Flynn creates these horribly dysfunctional, creepy characters, and then uses the most amazingly TRUE descriptions for them, it’s just something you have to experience for yourself to understand. I’ve not read any other author that does such a thing in the specific way that Flynn does it. And even though her main characters are never likable you find yourself caring about them, wanting them to become likable, wanting them to become someone you, as a person reading and loving their story, can be proud of. It’s hard to explain but easy to understand once you have read one of her books.

SO much of this book was creepy times twelve. But somehow Flynn makes it all work. And while Sharp Objects was slightly more predictable than her first two, she still throws some stuff at the reader that absolutely NO ONE can expect. It’s pure talent this woman has, I’m telling you.

Read Gillian Flynn’s books! The great thing is that her three books have nothing to do with each other, so you can read them in whatever order you want. They are each awesome in their own unique ways. I can’t wait for her to write another one.