Faves from 2012: Adult fiction

Here are my favorite adult novels I read this year, in no particular order. This was the category I had the hardest time with, I truly read a lot of great adult fiction this year, and I couldn’t narrow the list down to five, so you get six faves today!

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh [my review] – One book that made me cry a LOT. There is a lot of pain and sadness in this one, but also it’s absolutely gorgeous, and if you can get through the emotional upheaval, the end result is totally worth it. I promise.

The Slap by Chris Tsiolkas [my review] – This novel, which begins by a man slapping another person’s child at a backyard get together and gets into how that one act had far-reaching and disastrous consequences, was one of the more unique books I’ve read in a while. And the writing is so unbelievably good.

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan [my review] – So this is a somewhat slow, quieter novel, but my goodness did this thing shatter my soul. Jordan has a crazy-amazing storytelling ability and her writing is flawless. I loved, loved this book and couldn’t stop thinking about it after I finished it.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn [my review] – Yes, I realize this was one of the most hyped books this year, but if you want my opinion I have to say the hype was right on. I could not believe the adventure this novel took me on and my mouth hung open in shock for the majority of the time I spent reading it. Plus, it inspired me to pick up Flynn’s other two novels this year, and I will tell you that they are both also great. She is another one that has crazy-amazing talent. In a creepy way, sure, but still – the girl can write.

The Lola Quartet by Emily St. John Mandel [my review] – I met Emily at SIBA and found myself totally speechless, in a haze of star-struck idiocy. She is an absolutely brilliant writer and this book is like nothing I’d read before. I am now kicking myself for not getting to her other novels this year as I should have. I loved this one SO much.

Broken Harbor by Tana French [my review] – I had to sneak this one in here because Tana French is so fantastic and I was so happy to get to read another of her novels this year. Like all her previous books, this one blew me away and I found myself once again in awe of her unbelievable talent. Absolutely phenomenal, her books are for me. Every time.

Well that’s all for my 2012 favorites! What were some of your favorite books this year?

13 thoughts on “Faves from 2012: Adult fiction”

  1. I was thinking about my favorites list yesterday and The Language of Flowers will definitely be on it. I haven’t read any of the other books on your list but they’re all books I want to read.

  2. Language of Flowers was such a gorgeous book! More than I ever expected, even though you all told me! And I have Lola Quartet on my shelves as well as The Slap. Which just reminds me how behind I am and probably always will be! Remind me around February to read them.

  3. I really need to read Tana French!

    Did you know they are Americanizing the Australian TV show The Slap? I haven’t read this book, but I always pay attention to stuff about it since I saw the author speak once at the LA Times Festival of Books!

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