Faves from 2012: Audios

Here are my five favorite audiobooks I’ve listened to this year, in no particular order:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson [my review] – This is a LONG audio but it’s well worth the time commitment it requires. Even though I’m not really an Apple person, the life and legacy of Jobs is absolutely fascinating and this audio is done amazingly well.

A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard [my review] – While Jaycee’s story can only be described as disturbing and heartbreaking, her bravery and resilience is something that needs to be understood. The fact that she narrates this audio herself takes it to that next level, and the entire thing had me riveted as I listened in shock but also awe of this remarkable woman.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline [my review] – This one made a lot of people’s “best of” lists last year, so I’d be surprised if you haven’t read it. But if you are in that camp, go with the audio. I’m telling you, the narration by Wil Wheaton brings this to life in an amazing way. The book itself is fantastic, but the audio brings it all together to a level of perfection we don’t see too often.

The Chaperone by Laura Morairty [my review] – If you read my review of this one, you may be surprised to find it on this list because I didn’t love the narrator’s accent. However, I loved so much else about this book and its audio production that I couldn’t leave it off my list. Fantastic novel and a great audio, overall.

The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson [my review] – This should really say, “anything and everything by Joshilyn Jackson, as long as it’s narrated by Joshilyn Jackson”. While this particular book wasn’t my absolute favorite of Jackson’s, her narration as always was spot-on and such a joy to listen to that I couldn’t leave it off my list. Nothing she writes is bad, and nothing she narrates is less than fantastic.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my top five nonfiction reads this year!


7 thoughts on “Faves from 2012: Audios”

  1. I’ve listened to all of these! Is that a coincidence? Probably not, considering all the yacking we do about audios. I still have to write up my review of the Jobs book. Have no idea how. I guess I just have to say that it is awesome and everyone should read it. Period.

  2. I have only listened to one of these, but I have a few of the others on my ipod and need to get to them soon. I am especially interested in The Girl who Stopped Swimming. Very cool list today. Can’t wait to see what you liked best in non-fiction!

  3. I read Jaycee’s book and think she is a tremendous young lady!! I think listening to it would’ve been a good choice but that was before I really was into audios. I do have Ready Player One on my iPod just waiting for its chance to be cued up! Thanks for this great list!!!

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