Mac & Cheese Please!Mac & Cheese Please! 50 Super Cheesy Recipes by Laura Werlin
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley

From the publisher:

No one knows cheese better than Laura Werlin, and now she’s applying her expertise to everyone’s favorite macaroni dish. Inside, you’ll find 50 recipes organized by fun topics, such as Classic and Almost-Classic Mac n’ Cheese, Porky Mac n’ Cheese, Decadent Mac n’ Cheese, Lighten Up Mac n’ Cheese, Veggie Mac n’ Cheese, Party Time Mac n’ Cheese, and Breakfast for Dinner Mac n’ Cheese. The 50 recipes are presented in a fun format, like her previous title, Grilled Cheese Please! She even includes an appendix that includes info on all the food trucks and restaurants that specialize in mac n’ cheese.

So, I have to be honest here. Macaroni and cheese is one of my absolute FAVORITE comfort foods. But only if done right – I’m a mac & cheese snob. No Kraft for me. I like it with real cheese, onions, maybe some panko sprinkled on top, baked, you get the picture. So I was super excited about this cookbook because what better than fifty new recipes dressing up one of my favorite things?

And for someone looking for exactly that, this cookbook really delivers. The crazy variety of mac & cheese recipes Werlin thought up and provided to the reader boggles the mind. There are some strange combinations here, but they all sound strangely good too. Plus she does a good job with some extra tidbits, such as explaining how best to reheat homemade mac & cheese, how to take leftovers and make fried mac & cheese, and giving ideas on what cheeses work best for which flavor combinations. All very, very helpful.

So far I have made only one recipe from this book and that’s her standard macaroni and cheese. It was somewhat similar to others I have made, with a few minor changes, and it turned out quite delicious. I made it for my hubby and his sister and they both loved it (although I had to omit the onions, an ingredient I love, because hubby hates them and won’t go near them).

The only negatives about this cookbook is that these are not recipes for those watching weight or calories. These aren’t exactly what you’d call healthy recipes. BUT for a special treat, or for a kid who loves mac & cheese, or maybe for a side dish at a holiday get-together, many of these recipes would work great.

Recommended for mac & cheese lovers like myself!