SIBA Day Three

Saturday was the third day of SIBA and it was another packed, fun-filled bookish extravaganza. We started the morning with a breakfast hosted by HarperCollins and featuring authors Debra Dean, Courtney Miller Santo, Patricia Harman, and Mary Kay Andews. Let me tell you, I want to read ALL of their books immediately after hearing these lovely ladies speak.

After breakfast, the exhibit floor opened and seriously, this is when I nearly died. So many books,  just sitting out in their gorgeousness, and reps from all the publishing houses just waiting to talk books with all of us. It was truly such a fun experience, walking in that first day, and I had to show some major restraint not picking up every single title that was available for me. I know it’s not possible to read all of these books, so I really tried to grab just the titles I was supremely excited about. But it wasn’t easy.

For lunch, the ladies and I headed to the hotel bar and enjoyed a delicious and relaxing meal. I had this chicken flatbread thing which had barbecue sauce and mango … an interesting combination but it was delicious! And tomato soup. Yum. After lunch we lounged around in our respective rooms and made it back to the exhibit floor a little too. It was hard to stay away from that exhibit floor, I am telling you! Every time I thought I had seen it all, another book would sneak its way into my consciousness. Dangerous I tell you.

Saturday night was the COOLEST thing ever. We all played games, hosted by various authors, to win raffle tickets for the chance to – wait for it – take authors out to dinner!! The games were beyond hysterical and (especially with a glass or two of wine in me) actually really fun. AND this was the night that I met Emily St. John Mandel – who, by the way, is totally sweet and amazing. But I could barely talk around her because I was completely star-struck. And Sandy introduced me to Karen White, who you all know I absolutely love. Again, star-struck. Probably sounded like an idiot. Oh well.

So who did we get to take out to dinner? Well, unfortunately none of my raffle tickets were picked, but Sandy and Heather were both picked and we got Wendy Wax and Karen White! Amazing. I was on cloud nine as we boarded our bus with these two authors, just the girls hanging out, and headed out to dinner. It was a fabulous dinner and those two ladies are some of the most fun, gracious people I’ve met. It was a fantastic evening in every way.

After heading back to the hotel, we stopped to get a picture of the three of us with Wendy and Karen, so I have proof on my phone that I actually got to hang out with them. 🙂 It was seriously a great ending to another awesome day at SIBA. Stay tuned Friday for details of our final day!


5 thoughts on “SIBA Day Three”

  1. That evening of drinking and games and tickets (I know I have no shame), then winning Wendy and Karen was the highlight of the entire trip. I’m still thinking back on it and remembering the fun. At this stage, I’ve had dinner with both Wendy and Karen TWICE and I feel like they are friends! Ha! I’m such a geek. And Emily St. John Mandel! That was almost too much fun for one night.

  2. Winning the raffle was the icing on the cake that night, and I had a lot of fun with some of those games. Some of them scared me away though, and were too hard! Sandy was excellent that night, and did a great job of grabbing tickets. I must admit that Erin giving me all her tickets helped me out! Dinner was a really nice affair as well. I enjoyed my time with Karen and Wendy both so much. You captured this day so well!

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