What does book blogging mean to me? Well … a lot. I started blogging almost five years ago for me, with no idea that anyone would actually read what I was writing. I mean, I knew I was writing stuff on the internet for anyone to read but I truly didn’t expect anyone to give a crap what I had to say about books. In fact, I had no CLUE that other people were doing this too – I just had the simple goal of jotting down my thoughts about what I was reading in a way that wouldn’t be lost (as in, not a paper journal).

But when I got a comment from Lisa I was shocked to discover that there was a whole community (a small one at that time, but still a solid community) of people doing the same thing. It wasn’t too long after that when Natasha started commenting on my posts and I kept making more connections from that point on. The book blogging community has changed a LOT in that time (for example, neither of the above-mentioned bloggers actively blog anymore) but I’ve still kept in touch with many of the bloggers who I “met” in the beginning.

My real-life life has changed, too, as I have now become close with Heather and Sandy through blogging and I have met and spent time withΒ Michelle, Anita, Jenny, and Jill because of blogging. I’ve loved the experience of connecting with someone online and then realizing you get along with them famously in person too!

And I’ve loved sharing my thoughts with all of you. I can’t tell you how fun it is to write something about a book and have someone whose opinion you trust comment to say that they felt the same, or that they disagreed because of this that and the other, or when something I post begins a discussion. It’s so fulfilling and just FUN.

So – what does blogging mean to me? It has meant connection, sharing, love of all things books and people. I’ve loved getting to know other people, discovering new reads and new authors, and being able to share that with all of you. The book blogosphere has changed a lot over the years, but I firmly believe that it is the connections we make with one another that truly matter. So as long as we keep our friendships alive, this place can get as big as ever, it won’t bother me.

What do YOU love most about blogging? Or, if you are not a blogger but a reader of blogs, what do book blogs mean to you?