BBAW – All the Love!

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Today I will be sharing with you some of my absolute favorite, must-read blogs. Some of these bloggers are my friends, others I simply admire from afar, but they all share one trait in common and that is that they run FANTASTIC blogs that I can’t live without! So here we go …

My Friend Amy’s Blog – I would be remiss if I didn’t start with the creator and driving force behind BBAW. Amy is one of the most passionate, interesting, and inspiring people I know. She loves books, movies, TV, and she loves to discuss all of these things with her readers and friends. She has volunteered for a LOT of blogging projects over the years, and has hosted many as well, all with tons of success. But what I love most about Amy is how genuine she is. When she loves a book, her love for that book exudes through her post about it, and you can just feel her enthusiasm through the blog. I love how much Amy loves blogging and she is such an inspiration to me. If you’re not reading what she has to say, you absolutely must start.

Raging Bibliomania – Heather is one of my real-life blogging friends, and by that I mean that we are in a book club together and hang out in person. Heather is such a generous soul – she is always giving me more books, encouraging me to read more, and sharing with me her thoughts and feelings about what she’s reading – I so love that about her. And for those of you who won’t have the opportunity to meet her in person, her blog posts are amazing. She is incredibly detailed, thoughtful, and thorough in her book reviews and she almost always convinces me to read whatever she’s reviewed. We just spent the weekend together at SIBA and we had such a great time. I am a huge fan of Heather and you should definitely be a fan too!

You’ve GOTTA Read This! – Sandy was my roommate for SIBA and we had so much fun together. She is an awesomely talented blogger – we don’t read all the same types of books but I’m always intrigued by what she has to say. And she is totally the queen of audiobooks – I can be guaranteed to get solid audio recommendations from Sandy. Also, she runs her blog while at the same time balancing her crazy schedule of motherhood, volunteerism, and spending time with her personal trainer Andre to get that rockin’ bod she is now so famous for. Seriously, Sandy is an awesome person, so much fun to hang out with, and a blogger you should really be paying attention to if you’re not already.

Rhapsody in Books – I met Jill for the first time this weekend and I absolutely LOVED her. She is beyond hysterical with a self-deprecating sense of humor that is completely entertaining. Also, her reviews are incredibly well-written and very fair. I told Sandy this weekend that Jill is possibly the funniest person I’ve met in real life, and I was totally serious about that – she is awesome and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Also, she is moving to my hometown of Chicago in four months! So I’m super excited because hopefully next time I visit my family I can visit Jill too! For real guys, you need to be reading Jill’s blog. She is a great person, so funny, and such a good writer – she will inspire you for sure.

A Striped Armchair – Eva is such a sweet, gentle soul and I really enjoy her. I don’t necessarily have the same taste as Eva in books, but that really doesn’t matter because she writes incredibly thoughtful, interesting reviews and always makes me want to look into what she’s reading. She also has the most adorable dog ever, Thistle. She and I have chatted on Twitter several times and I always love getting to know her better. I never miss one of her posts and highly recommend that you begin doing the same.

Bermuda Onion – Everyone, and I mean everyone, LOVES Kathy. And there’s a good reason for that – she is just the sweetest person ever, who comments so faithfully, is so nice and incredibly supportive, just the type of person that you want to have in your life. I was crushed that she couldn’t make it to SIBA this year because I really, really wanted to meet her but unfortunately that was not to be. Until next year, I will just keep reading her posts and be inspired by her generous personality. I have enjoyed getting to know Kathy over the years through her blog and I definitely recommend you begin reading her blog if you’re not already (which I cannot imagine as she is connected with just about every blogger I know!).

Books I Done Read – I’m pretty sure there’s not a blogger on this planet who isn’t following Raych. She is by far the most hysterically funny person writing reviews on the internet these days. I swear, you will read her posts and just pee yourself with laughter – she is that hilarious. I don’t communicate with Raych much (I’m probably more intimidated than I’ll admit to be honest) but she is a great person and beyond entertaining. She reads really interesting books, too, and I have taken several of her recommendations. PLEASE read her blog if you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t reading her already.

Well I think 7 is enough, a nice round number. Truly, I could go on and on because in the almost five years I’ve been blogging I’ve come across tons of great bloggers, all of whom are excellent people I have enjoyed getting to know over the years and always want to get to know better.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?


27 thoughts on “BBAW – All the Love!”

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so flattered to be included on that list of wonderful bloggers! I was crushed that I couldn’t make SIBA too, but I’m planning on New Orleans next year. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    1. Kathy, you are right where you belong with those other great bloggers! I was so sad not to meet you this year. I’m not sure about New Orleans but I definitely would love to meet you!!

  2. What a great list, and I’m very flattered to be on it. You are the best roommate ever. If I had actually had the energy to do this post last night (after all those margaritas) I would have put you right up there.

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