TSS: Live from SIBA!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to The Sunday Salon! I’m coming to you live this morning from Naples, Florida at the SIBA Tradeshow. This is an amazing event for the Southern Independent Booksellers that we as bloggers are privileged to attend. I’m rooming with the fabulous Sandy and also here with Heather and Jill. I’ve never been to an event like this before, and I’m telling you, it has been tons of fun. I plan to do a full write-up of each day in the coming weeks, so I’ll save most details for those posts. But I will say that we have met some fabulous authors and I have some books that I’m really, REALLY excited to read and tell you about. So it’s incredibly exciting.

As for the rest of this week, it’s been a quick one. As you all know, I had Monday off for Labor Day and definitely enjoyed my time off. Tuesday and Wednesday entailed full days of work followed by making dinner and collapsing into bed. Thursday morning, Sandy and I packed up and drove down here! The four-hour drive went so quickly because we chatted the whole way, of course, and before we knew it we arrived in Naples! We also stopped at this cute little restaurant in Punta Gorda for lunch, which was not only in an adorable little downtown area but the food was delicious too!

As far as reading goes, I finished three books last weekend but since then I haven’t done a ton of reading. I’m still working through Shadow of Night – have made exactly no progress since last weekend, actually – and I just started Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry on my Nook. I also started The Whipping Club by Deborah Henry for a TLC tour. I’m hoping that when I get back home on Monday I’ll get a little time to read some of these books as I’m enjoying all of them!

Well, I’m off to a few more bookish events before calling it a weekend. What are you up to this Sunday?


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