TSS: A Short Break

Good afternoon and welcome to The Sunday Salon! Unfortunately my TSS this week will be short and sweet, as I’m announcing a break for myself for the majority of the month of August. I have two reviews scheduled for this week, and a TLC commitment towards the end of the month, but other than that I am going to disappear for the month. I have spent the past several months scrambling every single weekend to get a few reviews written for the week ahead, and at this point I am simply burnt out. I am hoping that with some distance my blogging mojo will show itself again in September.

That’s not to say I haven’t been reading, though! I finished The Gods of Gotham this morning and absolutely adored it. I promptly began The Taker immediately upon closing that book and fell into the story right away – at only 70 pages in, I am pretty sure this will be another winner. And in audio, I’m just about finished with The Chaperone – another excellent read. And I do still plan to visit your blogs, and hopefully I’ll even comment a little! This break is mostly just to ease the anxiety I’ve been feeling over the fact that my review writing is difficult to come by these days. So I’m not going to disappear in every aspect – you just won’t see anything written on the blog for a little while.

I’m enjoying my summer, though, even though it’s been ghastly hot (which I should expect living in Central Florida, I know). I have been spending time by the pool, gone to a few water parks, and have a day trip to Disney planned later this week. I have a few family members visiting mid-August for a couple of days, and I’m hoping to find a beach day in the near future as well. Things are great here, actually, so do not worry about me during this break. Everything is a-okay. 🙂

Thanks for sticking by and being patient while I take some time away from the blog. Have you ever taken a blogging break? Did it help? Did you feel refreshed and excited upon returning? I’d love to know!

Happy Sunday!


8 thoughts on “TSS: A Short Break”

  1. Well, as you put it on your comment to me today, this is how it goes for us these days. Or as Raych put so eloquently, and we love her for it, “The shits, I do not give them”. You enjoy your time off. There may come a day, sooner than later, that I may take one too. I just cannot keep up. I’ve given up my Fridays, and maybe more. We are all suffering from this.

  2. Enjoy your break! I know that post-writing can be exhausting and feel like a chore, so hopefully you come back refreshed!

  3. I think most book bloggers need and take a break eventually. I hope you enjoy yours and since I subscribe to your blog, I’ll see you when you get back!

  4. My break was just the thing that I needed at the time. It gave me the time to think about some of the things that I needed to sort out, and to say goodbye to a dear friend. When I came back, it was with gusto and happiness, and I think that is what you will find too. I hope you have an amazing break. Like Mary above said, I think everyone needs one now and then.

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