From the Hardcover editionGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Published by Crown, an imprint of Random House

On the morning of Nick and Amy Dunne’s five-year wedding anniversary, Amy disappears. Although he is a golden child in their small Missouri town, Nick soon becomes the prime suspect in Amy’s disappearance. In alternating chapters, the reader hears from Nick in the present day and Amy in the format of her diary as the story of their marriage slowly comes together and the question of what happened to her looms on.

Everything you have heard about Gone Girl is true. This novel is an absolute mindf*ck. It will keep you on your toes. You will not be able to put the thing down. Your jaw will drop in shock. It’s that good.

I honestly don’t want to say anything else about it! I read a lot of reviews for Gone Girl before reading the book, and while nothing was spoiled for me, I had certain expectations going in. This is the kind of book where you should have no expectations – just sit back and let Flynn take you on this crazy adventure of a read.

If you are looking for a crazy good, exciting, fascinating, appalling novel, look no further than Gone Girl. It is as excellent as everyone has been saying and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it. Highly recommended!