The First Husband by Laura Dave

The First HusbandThe First Husband by Laura Dave
Published by Penguin

Annie is thirty-two years old and feels like she has it all. She loves her boyfriend of five years, Nick, a movie director, and has the perfect job with tons of travel, which is exactly what she wants. She has an amazing best friend and a she and Nick have a great apartment in Los Angeles. But one night, Nick comes home to tell Annie that he is done with their relationship, and wants to pursue another woman. Devastated, Annie goes into a local bar for a drink and meets Griffin, this amazingly down-to-earth chef who she quickly falls for. After a whirlwind romance, Annie and Griffin are married and living in rural Massachusetts. Unfortunately for Annie, her new life isn’t all roses and as she begins to question what exactly she signed up for, Nick reinserts himself into her life and she is forced to take a hard look at the choices she’s made.

I really enjoyed this book. I had been hearing great things about Laura Dave for so long now and now I can completely understand why – The First Husband is both smart and funny, entertaining with serious moments, and the characters are very well-developed and felt authentic to me.

I like that the premise of this book isn’t completely believable (most people don’t marry someone they’ve known for three months, especially immediately following a five-year relationship), yet Dave got me to believe it 100%. I was so invested in Annie that I didn’t even question any of the major plot points of the novel, because her choices made complete sense based on her personality throughout the book – that’s how real she felt to me. And I really felt for her – she was heartbroken over the loss of Nick, so I completely understood why she fell for Griffin, and later I completely understood why she began to question her choice to marry him.

The writing in this novel is smart, too. It’s chick lit bur much deeper than you normally think to expect from that type of novel. I flew through the bookl, but there were moments that would give me pause, would make me stop and think and really consider what Dave was saying with her writing or her characters’ actions. I loved that.

So, in conclusion – I really liked this one! I am happy to report that my first experience with Laura Dave’s work was a success and I’ll be reading more of her books soon!


10 thoughts on “The First Husband by Laura Dave”

    1. I can go either way on chick lit – sometimes it’s too silly for my tastes. But when it’s intelligent and the characters are good, I love it.

  1. I bought this one at the Bodrer’s closing sale after reading some really rave reviews of it, and I have it on my shelf, and eye it occasionally and get all excited. It sounds like a very interesting story, and one that I can imagine happening. A lot of times, there is a rebound in the works soon after a spouse is dumped, so I can certainly see how this situation could happen. Great review today. If anything, you have made me want to pick this one sooner than anticipated, which is a feat in itself!!

  2. I just so happen to have received this one a while back from a fellow book blogger. She really liked it too and now after reading your thoughts, I know I have a winner sitting on the shelves just waiting for me!

  3. I like books like this sometimes. And I have found books that originally sound like fluffy chick lit that turn out to be very smart.

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