TSS: After an unexpected hiatus

Hi everyone and welcome to The Sunday Salon! I didn’t mean to go dark this past week – life has just gotten the best of me I suppose. I’ve been realizing that since I officially started my “new” job at work (if you recall, same company just received an actual promotion after being in training for it for about six months) in March, pretty much everything else in my life has been on the back burner. This is an excellent opportunity, and I love my job, but WOW is it more work than I expected, mentally and emotionally. And the time that I’ve been putting in is more than I was used to before – most days I leave my house at 7 a.m. and don’t return until after 6 p.m. When I get home, the last thing I can focus on is reading or blogging. So that results in my trying to cram all reading/blogging into my Sundays, when that’s the day I also want to spend time with my husband, meet a friend for lunch, or all kinds of other things I’m too exhausted to do during the week.

All that is to say that I’m working on finding some balance in my life. I truly wanted to participate in Armchair BEA this past week, but before I knew it Monday arrived and I had nothing planned for the week, and no motivation to write anything … so I just didn’t. I also have not been able to keep up with my original plan this year of three reviews per week. So I’m going down to two per week, and crossing my fingers that I’ll continue to read twoish books each week to make that happen.

I’m good, though. I refuse to pressure myself into being a “better blogger” or more consistent or anything like that. This is fun for me, I don’t make any money off this blog, and I’ve virtually stopped accepting review copies. So while I want to write posts and comment on others and be more involved, if I can’t swing it I won’t kill myself in an effort to try. I will get myself into a routine again one of these days, and until then I’m not going to stress about it.

In other news, I’m having a great weekend! Yesterday I was able to get a bunch of errands done and last night hubby and I had dinner with another couple that we just recently met, and we had a great time at this little Irish pub near their home. It was so cute, you guys! There were BOOKSHELVES behind the bar. Love. Last weekend was our five-year wedding anniversary, and we celebrated by going out to dinner at Emeril’s (our new tradition – we went last year and loved it) and it was delicious of course. Tonight my cousin is in town from San Francisco and I’m hoping to get together with him and his girlfriend for dinner.

And I’m reading, too! I started A Discovery of Witches in anticipation of the second book coming out – been meaning to read this one forever – and it is every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. I finished both of my current audiobooks yesterday (Drop Dead Healthy and Ready Player One) and am about to start Warm Bodies on my iPod. Not sure what I’ll do for my car audio. Oh and I also got the newest Jodi Picoult novel from the library – I know, I know, but I’ve read all of her books and I can’t seem to stop – so I started that this morning. So things are looking up on the reading front!

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s in store for me today. Definitely some chores around the house, but I’d love to get some reading in and maybe will enjoy some sunshine since we’ve had almost two straight weeks of rain. What are you up to this Sunday?


10 thoughts on “TSS: After an unexpected hiatus”

  1. I’m just so proud of your accomplishments at work. You deserve this. Once you get up and running, I hope things get calmer but new positions are always crazy. Congrats on the anniversary…OMG we LOVE Emeril’s!!! I always always always get the redfish. It is to die for, and is such a treat to go. I think everything slows down over the summer, so no worries about slowing down on the blog. I’m thinking about taking things down a notch this summer as well.

    1. Aww thank you so much, Sandy! I am proud of myself too but honestly didn’t quite comprehend what I was getting myself into. I’m so, SO happy to be in this new role but WOW does everything else in life take a backseat to work these days! Anyway I know things will calm down and I’m ok with where I am at now. Just ready to get back into a more balanced zone. And Emeril’s was SO good. Although I’m cursing myself for not getting the scallops… hubby got them and they were absolutely to die for.

    1. Thank you Kathy!! Yes, the second I put real pressure on myself to do better is when this stops being fun and starts being a second job (that I’m not getting paid for!). No way. Just going to do the best I can and not worry about it.

  2. Congrats on the promotion and happy anniversary! We’ve actually never been to Emeril’s. We were just talking about it the other day when we were out there. One of these days…

    I agree about the blog… just do what you want with it. You already have a bunch of people who are going to read it no matter what whenever you do post. =)

    1. Thank you Jenny! Oh my goodness, you have to go. It’s definitely pricey but so worth it for a special occasion. They have a happy hour where appetizers and drinks are half priced at the bar… that might be a good time to try it. And oh that’s so sweet about the blog! To be honest sometimes I wonder why people do stick around when I leave for weeks at a time with no explanation, but I’ll just consider myself blessed and leave it at that!

  3. Car audio? You could read The Stand with us! That would keep you busy for the next…eight weeks. 😉

    I totally hear you on the job/life balance Heather. It’s been a struggle of mine for years and hasn’t gotten any easier when you throw the baby in the mix. She’s not as easy to ignore as my husband is (I kid, I kid). Audiobooks definitely are a lifesaver. Will look forward to your thoughts on Ready Player One. Ernest Cline was at my local Indie yesterday so Andi (Estella’s Revenge) and I finally met up to go see him. Was fantastic!

    1. LOL about the Stand! Actually, I have to listen to shorter audios in the car because my commute is very short (only about 15 mins each way) so I’ve found that I get really impatient with longer audios in the car because they take FOREVER. So I stick with 8 discs or less.

      I really enjoyed Ready Player One. I’ll probably review it at the end of the month for Audiobook Week. So jealous that you got to meet Ernest Cline!!

  4. I cooked early so I could watch The Killing and Mad Men on amc, Bridezilla on wetv. True Blood on hbo, and Longmire on a&e.

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