Good afternoon everyone and welcome to The Sunday Salon. 🙂 I’m shocked that I’m finding the time to even write this post because I’ve been exhaustively busy lately. In a good way, mostly, but I simply have been doing very little reading or blogging over the past few weeks.

Things have been good here, though. Two weekends ago hubby and I spent the weekend at Disney World. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort, which while not a luxury hotel by any means, was really quite nice and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. We spent very little time at the hotel anyway, as we hit three parks in two days (Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom), two of which we’d never been to before. My favorite part was definitely the safari at the Animal Kingdom (if you ever go to Disney, this is a MUST do in my opinion), while my hubby’s was probably the fireworks at MK – he’s definitely a kid at heart. It truly was a fabulous weekend, but it added to the busy, go-go-go feeling that I haven’t been able to escape this year.

The following week, I worked a ton of hours and I can’t even tell you what happened to last weekend – it’s a complete blur to me. Probably consisted of church and dinner out on Saturday and who knows what on Sunday. Same with this weekend so far, I worked yesterday and have spent the morning today doing laundry and getting stuff organized in preparation of my upcoming trip. Yes, I am flying out to Columbus, OH tonight for a week of training for work. It promises to be an exciting week with much to learn, but from what I hear it consists of four 12+ hour days and a half day on Friday, followed by a flight back home Friday evening. I am mostly excited but admittedly exhausted just thinking of all those long days.

Things have NOT been good on the reading front lately. Most nights when I am finished making and eating dinner at 8 pm or so all I want to do is watch TV and can’t even think of picking up a book. Plus I’ve been trying to be more consistent about going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week in preparation of a trip I’m taking to the beach with my family in mid-June. I did finish one book today while waiting for my laundry – True Sisters by Sandra Dallas, which I really liked. I’m thinking of bringing Pure by Juliana Baggott on the plane with me today as it looks like just the thing to keep my mind entertained on a three-hour flight.

As far as blogging goes, I have one review scheduled for tomorrow for a book tour and the blog will probably be dead the rest of the week. I am hoping to get back into review writing when I return next weekend, but honestly we’ll just have to see how it goes. I have had to put most of my mental focus into my job lately so I’m definitely not putting any pressure on myself blogging-wise.

How about you? What are you up to this Sunday? Any fun plans I can be envious about?