Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Published by Simon & Schuster Audio
Review copy provided by the publisher

I am not an Apple person. I have an iPod Nano and that’s it. I think their products are great, but I’ve just never been super into them for whatever reason. However, I knew that Steve Jobs had a fascinating life and his ideas and creations have been hugely impactful in the technology industry. So when I was offered this book for review, on audio no less, I happily accepted.

I knew Jobs had a fascinating life, but I honestly knew next to nothing about him before listening to this book. I’m glad I did read it, because I learned a ton about this man, a genius of our time. After reading about how major of a force he has been in the technology industry over the years, I truly believe he will be remembered forever, an Einstein of our time. This entire book was incredibly interesting to me and I cherished the time I spent with it.

Now admittedly, I’m not a tech person so there were a few parts of the book that dragged a bit for me. Learning about how all of Jobs’ products were created and developed was quite interesting, but I could only take so much of tech-speak before I would get a little bit bored. However, the book was written in such a way that just when I felt like I couldn’t handle any more of this, Isaacson would switch to more of Jobs’ personal life and relationship-type stuff, which held my interest better. For this reason, Steve Jobs has something for everyone. Those who are most interested in the Apple/technology part of Jobs’ legacy will be fascinated and interested, as will those who are more concerned with his personal life and family history. Isaacson does a great job balancing both aspects of Jobs’ life.

The audio version of Steve Jobs was great and I would definitely recommend it. Dylan Baker does an excellent job with the narration – he is never dry and he keeps the right inflections in his voice throughout. I tend to enjoy nonfiction in audio better than in print – I guess it’s because I am forced to listen while driving or whatever – and I don’t know that I would have made it all the way through Steve Jobs if I had attempted the print version. So I definitely recommend this fascinating biography, and my advice would be to pick up the audio version.