I feel like I have gotten NOTHING accomplished in February. Do you ever have those times? When you feel like you are running around like crazy, stressing out over everything, but when you look back it is like – where did the time go and what in the H did I do with it? Yes, well it’s been one of those months for me. I have only finished FOUR books this month. For me, that is awful – it is basically a book every 5 days, when typically I can read a book every 2-3 days, plus audiobooks.

So what have I been doing instead? Watching a lot of TV, for one. Spring TV shows are kicking my butt, my DVR is so backed up it’s ridiculous. Last weekend I wasn’t feeling well so I barely read a sentence, instead I was almost catatonic in front of the TV for two days straight. Oh, and I took a few naps. I have been stressed about work, but unfortunately that’s nothing I’m able or willing to discuss here at this time. Just… I don’t know. A lot of time spent not reading, basically.

This weekend has been a busy one, actually. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day at a good friend’s baby shower and in the evening I attempted to go to the Kelly Clarkson concert at Universal. I say attempted because, while we got into the concert (everyone with season passes gets in free), the pace was absolute chaos and I was so annoyed at the disorganization of it all that we ended up leaving just before she began singing. Oh well. This morning I had brunch with another good friend (which included Mimosas, so right now I’m fighting the urge to nap), and I will spend the remainder of the day working on my million-items-long to-do list. I will be lucky if I get a quarter of these things done. But a girl can hope, right?

Yesterday I reviewed The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and I didn’t include in my review the fact that I’ve now made one of the recipes in the book – Basic Alfredo Sauce – and it turned out SO yummy! I always thought Alfredo sauce was super complicated and difficult to make, but it was one of the easiest things I’ve cooked and it. was. delicious.!

This week will be another busy week. I have small group on Wednesday night, book club Thursday night, a meeting for work all day Thursday, and I may or may not be working Saturday as well. I am definitely going to need a good night’s sleep tonight to prepare for the week ahead.

Well that’s about all I’ve got for today. I would LOVE to finish a book today, and ideally I will write one or two reviews. We shall see.

What are you up to this weekend?