The Human BobbyThe Human Bobby by Gabe Rotter
Published by Simon and Schuster

Dr. Bobby Flopkowski has everything he’s always dreamed of – a successful practice, his dream house, a beautiful wife he loves, and a new baby boy. But one meeting with an old friend sets into motion a complicated series of events that leaves him spiraling out of control, unable to hold onto anything in his perfect life. Now, having lost absolutely everything except the tent he sleeps in, Bobby is determined to solve the one missing link that led to his downfall – but the trouble is, he needs to get someone to believe him.

Oh. My. Goodness. This book! THIS BOOK. You guys, you need to read this one. From the above summary, you might not think The Human Bobby is anything special. Heck, I didn’t get what was so great about it. Even while reading it, while the book is insanely impossible to put down, and I was loving the experience of reading it, I thought I knew exactly what was going on. I was convinced I had it all figured out.

And then… something amazing happens. Gabe Rotter managed to render me speechless. Turns out I had absolutely nothing figured out, zilch, zero. And I think Rotter had me exactly where he wanted me. And I absolutely, positively loved it. So, so much.

Please read The Human Bobby. It’s so good. So, so good.

Also – my book club read this, and the amazing and resourceful Sandy somehow convinced Gabe Rotter to join us via phone for our meeting, and can I just say what a great guy he is? And I’m not just saying that because I loved his book. He’s funny, and interesting, and clever, and all of us really enjoyed talking to him.

So read this! That is all.