The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Published by Amy Einhorn Books, an imprint of Penguin

The year is 1962 and the place is Jackson, Mississippi. Aibileen is a black maid who has always accepted her lot in life as paid servant to white women, but she’s starting to have difficulty holding her tongue. Her friend Minny, always a bit more feisty than Aibileen, suddenly finds herself in a position with her employer that she could never have predicted. Along with their new friend, Skeeter, who is rich and white and runs in the same social circles as their employers, Aibileen and Minny begin to write a tell-all book about what it is really like to be a black maid in Mississippi that will change all of their lives forever.

What can I possibly say about The Help that hasn’t been said already? This book was, for me, just as wonderful as everyone told me it would be. I can’t believe I waited so long to read it! I have to say that the characterization is by far the best thing about this novel. The characters felt completely real to me, and in fact I wanted to get to know them even better. I admired the courage Aibileen, Minnie, and Skeeter had for standing up to the standard of their time, and I rooted for the three of them the entire way through. Even the “bad” characters were written so well to the point where I completely believed them. And each character was uniquely complex and interesting – these were fully layered, complete individuals and bravo to Stockett for crafting such a fantastic cast of characters.

I feel like there’s not much point in writing a proper review for The Help because basically everyone else has already read and loved it. Allow me to assure you that, if for some reason you haven’t yet read the book, it is just as fabulous as everyone says it is. I absolutely loved this novel, every single thing about it, and can very highly recommend it.


13 thoughts on “The Help by Kathryn Stockett”

  1. I also feel like the only one who hasn’t read this one yet. I bought it in hardcover when it first came out, but hadn’t made the time to read it. I actually have lent it out three times so far, so the book is getting pretty good mileage so far! When I get it back from my friend, I think I am going to dive right in. Great thoughts on this one. I am so glad to hear that it impressed you!

  2. I believe this book will become (if it already hasn’t) a modern classic. It is a phenomenon that you rarely see in the literary world. A few people have told me they didn’t like it, but I think it was because they had actually lived this type of life and they had some guilt stuff going on. Glad you read it, and now you need to see the movie!

  3. I said pretty much the same thing. By the time I got to The Help (September, I think), it had been reviewed to death. I haven’t seen the movie, but someday I will. I thought it was excellent, although I had one minor issue with it (nothing big).

  4. I loved the audiobook! I went through the book in three days (at work)! lol!!! It was a great book and congrats to everyone involved with the movie,book and audio book. Job well done!

  5. I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie (as a general rule, that’s what I prefer!), but a couple weeks ago Eddie and I went to a movie on a whim & decided to see the next movie playing–it happened to be The Help. So, we went, and it was amazing! I started the book that night! So far I’m loving it, and can’t wait to finish!

  6. I read the book and then listened to it because I loved it so much. Have to say I think I enjoyed listening to it even more–the characters really came to life. I still haven’t reviewed this book because I’m not sure what to add to what’s already been said, but I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The characterization really is great.

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