Why I Love Singlehood by Elisa Lorello and Sarah Girrell
Published by AmazonEncore
Review copy provided by the publicist

Eva Perino is happy to be uncoupled. She loves her work – she owns and runs The Grounds, a funky coffee shop in a college town – and she loves having the freedom to spend time with her friends and make her own rules. She’s so happy to be single that she starts a blog titled “Why I Love Singlehood.” However, once she learns of her ex’s recent engagement, she decides its time to at least dip her toe into the dating scene. So begins a journey through online dating, speed dating, and she even gets involved with one of The Grounds’ regular customers. It soon begins clear to Eva that she must decide who exactly she is and what exactly she’s looking for in a partner or this dating thing will never go her way.

I enjoyed Elisa Lorello’s two previous novels, Faking It [my review] and Ordinary World [my review] so I was more than happy to pick up a copy of this collaborative novel. I’m happy to report that Why I Love Singlehood is another fun, engaging chick lit novel with a ton of heart, just like Lorello’s other novels.

Eva is a character that most women will find easy to relate to. She’s had some bad luck when it comes to love – the relationship she thought would end in marriage didn’t work – but she’s not wallowing in self-pity. Instead, she’s looking to the bright side of things, enjoying the wonderful aspects of her life, and relishing in the fact that she can enjoy being single. I appreciated that she acknowledged that a person doesn’t have to be in a relationship to be happy, and that just because someone is in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy – this is something most chick lit novels do not admit.

Eva’s foray into the dating scene provides many hilarious moments for the reader, and also some heartwarming ones. Some of her adventures were quite entertaining, and I must admit to really enjoying being along for this ride.

The ending of the novel was a bit predictable, but satisfying all the same. Eva does go through quite a bit of introspection and self-analysis before finally setting on the right guy for her, and while she does find something resembling love in the end, the lessons she learned about herself are a huge part of the resolution as well.

I’m happy to have picked up Why I Love Singlehood and would definitely recommend it for fans of chick lit type novels.